bobo's crystal

As you most likely already know, we have two bunnies, Forrest and Bobo, whom we adore with all our hearts.

And as you would expect, they are very different bunnies with very different characteristics. Where Forrest loves to kiss and lick us, and loves us petting and making a fuss over her, Bobo is very hands-off. He doesn't like to be touched and seems to have more than his fair share of phobias such as claustrophobia, fear of traveling, fear of water (or it could be a high respect for water... read this blogpost) and, in general, is a highly-stressed bunny who looks to be hyperventilating after the slightest exertion (in saying that he's the Flopover King and a Binky Master... both of which are signs of a very happy and content bunny).

So it came to me as a bit of a surprise to find out that Bobo has a real affinity with crystals.

My fascination with crystals started many, many years ago. However, at that time, I didn't do much with it. This fascination has since come into my reality again and I have since studied crystals and achieved a diploma in crystal healing.

I guess crystals started to become more important in my life as I was becoming more open to alternative forms of healing and keen to help our rather delicate and often sick bunny, Forrest, without stressing her and dragging her to the vet all the time. As you will have read in previous blogposts, I turn to the angels a lot for healing when it comes to Forrest (read my blogposts here and here). However I also enjoy being able to contribute myself also, before I had the reins fully over to the angels.

And that's when my interest in crystals peaked.

However... just because I enjoyed crystals and appreciated their healing properties, it didn't mean that Forrest felt the same way.

When I first introduced crystals to Forrest, when she was ill, by placing a rose quartz crystal beside her body while she lay down, she immediately walked away. When an animal walks away from a crystal it means they've received all they need from that crystal. So for Forrest to walk away immediately gave me the impression that crystals weren't for her and, so, I don't tend to use them with her any longer as she has the right to choose the healing that feels right and will work best for her.

However, recently when she was ill I decided to try a rose quartz crystal again, just incase by this time she had changed her mind about crystals and felt more attuned to their energy. But again she immediately walked away.

That was when Bobo made it very clear to me that he's a crystal-loving bunny.

As soon as Forrest moved away, Bobo came running over to the crystal. However he didn't lie down beside it. Rather he did what I call a flopover. It's when a bunny flops over onto their side/back and, quite honestly, looks dead (it can be frightening the first time you see it). In reality, a flopover is a sign that the bunny is extremely happy, content and relaxed.

So to have Bobo, a highly stressed and uptight little bunny, flopover on top of a rose quartz crystal... well I could barely believe my eyes.

And he just didn't lie on top of the crystal for a few seconds. He lay there for a number of minutes before moving away from it and, so, letting me know he'd received all the energy and healing he had needed from the crystal.

I now set Bobo's crystal beside him regularly (about once a week) so he can enjoy its energy and vibration. Sometimes he'll lie beside it for quite a long time, other times he'll move away after a few seconds. It depends on what he needs and how he's feeling. Each and everytime he moves away I fully remove the crystal as I know he's received what he needed from it.

Viv xx