expert advice

I had the most amazing open and frank conversation a while ago with someone who is an expert in health and the immune system. I won’t share much about what we talked about here, apart from to say it was positively enlightening and comforting.

However, I do want to share one part of the conversation with you.

What this expert told me was, that if it was up to them, they would encourage people to do 5 things every day:

  • Eat a healthy diet to build up your immunity
  • Get plenty of vitamins, especially Vitamin C
  • Get outside every single day to get exercise and stock up on Vitamin D
  • Stop bathing in the daily news and ‘information’ being shared
  • And, finally, one very close to my heart – change your mindset to one that is positive.


To hear someone speak so openly, someone who does know what they’re talking about, was like breathing in fresh air.

Let’s not mince about, sugar-coat or pussy-foot around this.

I can’t be there to stand by you and watch over your food and drink choices.

Unless we live in the same neighbourhood, I can’t be there to urge you to head outside each and every day.

Nor can I be there to turn off the television, the radio, or throw aside your newspapers.

You, and only you, have to take 100% responsibility for your life in all these areas.

However, I can be there to guide you, support you, and encourage you to change your mindset.

Think gratitude isn’t for you?

Think you don’t have time each day to express gratitude?

Think it’s a load of cock and bull and some Now Age crap?

Think you have better things to do?

Think you don’t need gratitude in your life?

Think you’ve already got too much going on in your life without jumping onboard another hairbrain idea?

Think you’re already too tired/too overwhelmed/got too much on your plate?

Think again.

If you want to be in a whole different place with a totally different and positive mindset this time next year, then don’t let this opportunity slide by.

But, perhaps, you’re reluctant to hop onboard because you don’t know me well enough. Yep – I can get that. If you’ve never worked with me and have only ever read my emails, I can see how you might be balancing on the fence, scared to take that leap.

If that’s the case, then let me share some words with you. Words not from me but those who have worked with me and learned from me through my courses:

“Viv is a fantastic teacher” ~ Barbara

“Viv is a wonderful soul” ~ Frederic

“Vivienne is an incredible teacher. She is absolutely fabulous and has beautiful energy and is incredibly knowledgeable.” ~ Archit

“Vivienne is very energetic and passionate.” ~ Helmut

“…she is an amazing teacher… She is truly a lovely soul” ~ Nancy

When it comes to teaching, guiding, sharing my knowledge and experience, I go full-in. I’ll be with you every step of the way, cheering you on and getting you through the dips and struggles.

The only person standing in the way of transformation is you, lovely soul. And my only question for you, then, is “Why?”

Get out of your own way, stop with the excuses, and be prepared to transform your life for the better over the next 12 months.

Please, don’t find yourself sitting here, this time next year, saying, “If only…”

All too often we're focused on why we shouldn't do something - it's too expensive, too time-consuming, to difficult.

When it comes to finding reasons and excuses not to commit to changing our lives, we don't find it in any way challenge to let a whole load just trip off our tongue.

But those excuses and reasons are holding you back, they're keeping you where you are today, they're stopping you growing, changing and becoming not only the best possible version of you, but the happiest possible version of you.

Now's the time to determine your 'why', not your 'why not'.

Viv xx