what's your 'but'?

Have you been reading my short series of blogposts about my transformational journey with gratitude? If you have you may have been thinking, “I would love to experience a similar transformation, but…”

What ‘but’ is standing between you and a happier, more fulfilling life, lovely soul?

I invite you to look inward to understand and uncover your “but”

Is it…

“I would love to but… I don’t have the money”, or

“I would love to but… I don’t have the time”, or

"I would love to but... I already have a gratitude practice", or

“I would love to but… I know what I’m like – I’ll not stick it out”,  or

“I would love to but… I don’t want to change”, or

“I would love to but… I think it’s a load of XXX!”, or

“I would love to but… I don’t need that”, or

“I would love to but… it’s far too cheap, there must be something wrong with it”, or

“I would love to but… it’s too late for me to change”.

Here’s the thing. If you dig beneath every “I'd love to but…” statement, if you keep drilling down and asking “why?” in relation to each “I'd love to but...” statement, inevitably you’ll come up against a limiting belief you’re carrying around about yourself that will be negatively impacting every single area of your life and every choice you make in your life.

Go on, give it a go. See how far you have to dig to uncover your limiting belief. Whether it’s

“I’m not worthy”

“I’m not deserving”

“I’m not trusting”

“I’m cynical”

“I don’t believe in myself”

Keep digging and drilling down and you’ll eventually find that it all translates into the same thing: “I am not enough”.

All beliefs that we create for ourselves are a result of how we interpreted childhood experiences. That means you’re carrying around beliefs that are decades old and, quite frankly out of date; beliefs that are impacting your life today and getting in the way of your greatness.

Not only that, each and every one of those beliefs that are holding you back, are focused on and created as a result of something negative.

Wouldn’t you love to banish those beliefs from your life?

Wouldn’t you like to see the end of thinking you neither have enough money nor time to invest in yourself (because, quite frankly, I call “bull” on those two excuses in particular).

Wouldn’t you love to change and transform your life so, when you look around you, you see nothing but abundance?

If the answer is 'yes' (preferably a resounding, earth-shattering 'yes'), then I invite you to join a year-long experience that will change and transform your mindset, your outlook and your life.

Believe me, I was where you are standing right now, feeling that you're not enough (no matter how that may mask itself in your life).

However, I stand there no more.

The one thing that has changed my outlook, my mindset, and my life has been gratitude. Not just expressing gratitude or saying thank you once in a while, but making my life an attitude to gratitude, truly understanding what it means to be grateful.

If you would like to stand alongside me, understanding once and for all that you are enough, then I encourage you to find out more about the 12-month experience I'm ffering you.

Viv xx