why surround yourself with like-minded souls

Deep down, if you scratch beneath the surface and get people to be totally honest, most will share that they believe the world is a dangerous place, that there’s bad ‘out there’, things to be feared, things to feel scared about.

If you scratch beneath the surface of you, if you are totally honest with yourself, would you agree? Sadly, I suspect most people would.

Most people heed what they watch and hear on the news because it reminds them that the world is not a nice place, rather it’s filled with not very nice people. They’ll read newspapers because, again, the media highlights and reminds them of reasons to be scared, that the human race is suffering, that the world is falling apart. And, no doubt, such stories and pieces of news fill their social media feed because they’re the type of posts they expect to see, the type they share forward, the type they click on, the type that remind them that the world is in the chaos they believe it to be in.

And then, perhaps, they take a break from social media because the only news and stories being filled by a computer-generated algorithm are the very stories they read, react to and comment on, the very stories that prove their beliefs of a dangerous world, of a world where humanity is in chaos, of a world where you’re scared to think of tomorrow. And sometimes, just sometimes, the proof of their beliefs can be too confronting, too difficult, too exhausting.

If someone were to say to them that humanity is evolving, is awakening, that the world is filled with good, they’d probably laugh at that because they only see evidence to the contrary.

I read something somewhere that said, “people believe what supports their world view”. And, sadly, I believe that to be true.

If you believe something to be true, your subconscious will automatically go out looking for evidence to prove that your belief is correct. So, if you view the world as somewhere dangerous, somewhere frightening, then your subconscious will find evidence to support that belief and, as a result, you will only believe what supports your world view, anything else you’ll poo-poo or be unwilling to consider.

And, so, you listen to and believe those who sell you the story that matches your view.

However, what if you chose one day to stop listening to those who only share doom and gloom? You stopped watching the news and stopped reading the papers? You stopped listening to governments instilling fear in their nations?

Do you think your view of the world will suddenly and miraculously change?

Sadly, no.

It takes more effort than that because it takes more effort to re-programme the conditioning and thinking that has been running your life for years and decades.

Think about it. How often have you tried to instil a new, good, positive habit in your life and after a few weeks, at most, you revert back to your old ways?

Whilst we may not enjoy our old ways, whilst we may bitch and moan about them, it’s so much easier living with them than trying to change.

Because change takes work.

Change takes effort.

And, as humans, we naturally prefer to follow the path of least resistance. In other words, in general, we are lazy.

If you want to change, become more positive, enjoy a happier life (and we all do), then to succeed one thing you'll want to do is attract a different sort of person into your life, a more positive person, and happier kind of person. And the only way to do that is to change your vibration.

Gratitude is one of the highest vibration we, as humans, can experience. When you practice gratitude, when you make an attitude to gratitude your way of life, then your vibe and energy will rise. And when your vibe is high, according to the Universal Law of Attraction, you'll attract people and things of a similar vibration to you. And when you attract other high and positive vibrating people into your life, how much easier do you think it will be to keep your vibe high, to maintain a gratitude practice? It'll be so much easier.

However, before you can attract them, you need to get your vibe up there. And that means creating a steadfast and solid attitude to gratitude.

And how do you do that? Let me help you.

Want your outlook, mindset, life, and the people you surround yourself to change for the better?

Then you've got to start somewhere.

And one of the best places to start is by creating a strong and steadfast attitude to gratitude. Because gratitude is one of the highest vibration we, as humans, can experience.

Viv xx