look at yourself as a colour

"Look at yourself as a colour.
You may not be everyone's favourite.
But one day you'll meet someone who
needs you to complete their picture"

What a beautiful and uplifting quote to be able to share with you today.

When I started my business and bravely entered a world which felt unknown and completely foreign to me, because nothing at school or college or even the corporate world, could have prepared me for what I was about to undertake or do, I suddenly felt very overwhelmed and lost amongst all the successful businesses and entrepreneurs around me.

And, for me, this translated into trying to be everything to everyone. My prices were crazy-stupid-low because I didn't yet have any true self-belief in myself (no matter what I said), I had no proper direction because, quite simply, I just wanted someone, anyone! to buy my products and services and give me the proof I needed that my products and services were fine... that I'd be okay.

I was trying to be a complete palette of colours all mashed together into one... can you imagine how loud, crazy and stupid that looked? Yuk!!

And it has taken me years, yes YEARS to find my true colour. I slowly, very slowly, moved from being a mash-up of all possible colours trying to create skincare (my first business) for anyone and everyone, to gradually becoming a blend of colours that started to look a bit more palatable. Until, finally, slowly, bit by bit, I started to uncover my true colour and allow my true self to shine through. To find my true soul's purpose and calling. To have the strength and courage to follow my heart and passion. Until now I know exactly who I want to be in business and what clients I want to attract to me.

I know I don't appeal to everyone and the people-pleasing side of me is now at peace with that.

I know some people will discover my services but will know they're not quite right for them, maybe "woo" and spirituality doesn't appeal to them, maybe they feel uncomfortable round someone who talks to angels.

And that's okay.

Because I now know and now have the confidence to be true and honest to who I am, so I will appeal to the very people I want to attract into my life, souls who will benefit from what I have to offer, souls who share the same outlook on life as I do, souls with the same ethics and principles as I have, souls who want to positively impact the world like I do. I know that my colour will complete their picture. And that just feels amazing.

And I want the same for you.

You don't have to be a business-owner. I use my story as an example (and hopefully inspiration) for you. It could be in your career, your personal life or any area of your life. I just ask you not to compromise and be a mash-up of all different and confusing colours. Be your own colour and be proud to know your colour. For you'll find that being who you truly and beautifully are will attract those you want in your life and the opportunities you want to attract into your life.

Be you. Because you are beautiful and no-one can ever match or compete with the natural beauty of your shade or tone. But someone(s) will always need you to complete their picture.

Viv xx