mother's day

Today is Mother's Day in the UK when we celebrate the amazing mothers and grandmothers who have helped us and supported us as we grew into the amazing people we are today.

We celebrate all mothers, both young and aged, both new and practised, around the world, for the love they give their children.

And today I invite you to also celebrate and show gratitude to Mother Earth herself.

Today I would invite you to sit silently for a few minutes and reflect; reflect on the bounty that Mother Earth has provided for us every day of our lives, for the fruit and vegetables that adorn our table, for the water that keeps us hydrated, for the oxygen that we breathe... and so, so much more.

As a human race we have not been the most grateful of children to Mother Earth as we strip her bare, pollute her breath and contaminate her water. Rather, everything she has provided for us we grab, plunder and take for granted.

Today as the human race comes close to a standstill, with fewer cars on the roads and planes in the air, with so many corporations closing their doors, Mother Earth and her animal kingdom are beginning to heal. In the matter of only a few weeks, the air around us has become cleaner, the sky above us has become clearer, we can hear more birds singing their songs.

Without the impact of the human race, Mother Earth and her animal children are beginning to, once again, thrive and flourish.

So today I would invite you to sit silently for a few minutes and reflect; reflect on your choices and decisions of yesterday and how you can change them to be more aligned with Mother Earth and her animal kingdom today, to show more respect, to act with gratitude rather than take for granted.

The presence of coronavirus in our world today is teaching us many lessons, if we are open to listen. And one of those lessons is that, as individuals we can make an impact. Over the recent years when Mother Earth was crying out for support and healing, many sat forlorn, helpless, frozen, thinking that their actions alone could not help; that only the actions of the many, the governments, and the large corporations could answer her plea.

Today we are being invited to reconsider our thinking. It only takes one person to spread coronavirus to many. Like a ripple effect we are watching it touch the lives of so many. No longer can we sit still and claim that, as individuals, we cannot make an impact, we cannot create change. Because we are now being shown that this simply is not so.

So take the lesson we are being given today and rethink the choices and decisions you've made yesterday which you can change today and live tomorrow, to be in greater alignment with Mother Earth and her animal kingdom. Because you can make a difference, and you are being invited and encouraged to make that difference.

To all the mothers, grandmothers and our Mother Earth, today, may you feel the warmth of love we send to you from our hearts.

Viv xx