Are you a great manifester?

That title is a bit of a loaded question, to be honest.

Because most of us, who haven’t got the Law of Attraction down to a tee, would look at all the good stuff and experiences we’ve purposely manifested into our lives and seeing that there’s not as many as we would have wished, would shake our heads, saying, “nah… I’m not that hot at manifesting.”

However, if we embrace the concept that we are creating our life all the time every day, and that everything we receive or experience is a product of our ability to manifest, then that forces us to also take into consideration the things and experiences that accidentally come onto our path that we weren’t intentionally manifesting, and the things and experiences that we wish had never come onto our path.

I believe we can learn a lot, probably much more, when we take responsibility for everything that lands on our path; the good, the bad and the ugly. Because when we do, we get to see all sides of the picture. And if you’re a fabulous and natural manifester of the not-so-good stuff, if that kind of manifesting seems to come easily to you, I believe that by studying how you attract something not-so-good into your life can teach you so much about the type of manifester you are. And when you know the type of manifester you are and how you manifest things and experiences, albeit ones that you, perhaps, would never have consciously chosen to manifest, then you can apply those learnings and lessons to the beautiful things you do want to manifest.

In general, I find it tends to be easier to uncover what I’m doing wrong rather than what I’m doing right. And if that means breaking down and dissecting how I’ve manifested something negative in my life so I can apply those lessons and learnings to attract something positive into my life, then bring it on.

Indeed, recently, I did manifest something quite substantial into my life. It wasn’t something I purposely set out to manifest, it wasn’t something I wanted in my life. Indeed, the very act of manifesting it made my life, I feel, even more challenging for a short period of time.

Recently, the one-year anniversary of the passing of my little princess bunny, Forrest, was looming. And it was looming heavily on me.

Over the last twelve months, I have really struggled to come to terms with her passing and have been, very much, going through the grieving process.

Grief is a really personal thing. Only you know how you’re feeling when you’re feeling it. Even if others have been touched by the same loss, their grief journey will be very different to yours. And, all too often, that means that grief can be a very lonely journey unless you have at least one person to talk to and who will listen. Thankfully I had that person.

However, whilst I would have struggled to keep moving forward without her support, it she couldn’t wave a magic wand and make my grief journey easy. Which meant that Forrest’s pending one-year anniversary was weighing heavily on me both consciously and subconsciously. Consciously I was dreading it as I didn’t know how I would feel and cope on the day. Subconsciously, I was creating something even more powerful.

At the beginning of the week of Forrest’s anniversary, on the Monday evening, I started to feel off. I felt I was getting sick but didn’t know how or if I was.

Then on the Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling absolutely dreadful. Thankfully my husband was around that morning and had offered to look after the bunny boys. However, he would be away for the rest of the week, traveling for work.

I had the symptoms of the ‘flu without the head-cold part, and I had symptoms very similar to what I had experienced 6 months earlier when I contracted Covid yet those same symptoms weren’t listed as being part of Covid anymore. Honestly, it really didn’t matter. ‘Flu or Covid, the label was unimportant as I was so ill I was unable to barely move, never mind go outside and be around other people. Even looking after the bunny boys was really challenging me to my limits.

Then Thursday came, the day of Forrest’s anniversary, and I was still feeling horrendous. However, what I had noticed was that in the days leading up to her anniversary and on the day itself, I was feeling so ill that my mind was so focused on trying to do the basics for the bunny boys, that my focus wasn’t as strongly directed towards Forrest’s anniversary as I would have expected.

In essence, my subconscious knew I was so worried about how I would feel and cope on Forrest’s first anniversary that it created a challenging distraction in an attempt to protect me.

There was no question about it, I had manifested whatever illness it was that had knocked me flat on my back. Now, granted, it was my protective subconscious that manifested the illness. However, that subconscious is still me. On some level I had decided that it would be less painful and more bearable to be ill, very ill, than to struggle through Forrest’s anniversary. And it worked.

Would I have consciously chosen the option of being ill over the option of grieving for Forrest on her anniversary? I doubt it. However, on a subconscious and loving level, part of me felt this was the lesser of two very difficult paths to walk.

Sitting here, seeing things as they truly were, I cannot yet work out exactly how I manifested feeling so ill. I know the over-riding emotion would have been one of fear which would have taken my energetic vibration to a low level which would have attracted something of a similar vibrational level to me – the illness. However, I cannot yet work out exactly how I subconsciously went about attracting the illness.

So, I guess I’m not yet ready to understand that much detail.

At the moment, what seems important is awareness; the awareness that to protect myself from the pain of Forrest’s first anniversary, I attracted an illness that would knock me on my back and take all (or most) of my attention and focus.

Without the awareness I would simply have believed that I had fallen ill. I wouldn’t have connected the dots, I wouldn’t have been able to read between the lines.

Sometimes we underestimate how important awareness can be. And yet without it we wouldn’t be able to begin to see or understand the bigger connected picture.

On this occasion, awareness is enough of a learning for me. Next time, perhaps, I’ll understand and connect a bit more.

However, it hasn’t stopped me seeking advice and guidance through my cards in relation to reducing the number of negative manifestations I create in my life. Because through asking how I can reduce the negative manifestations, I can learn how I have created and apply that knowledge and learning so I can attract more positive manifestations.

And so this is the query I posed to the angels: advice & guidance on reducing the number of negative manifestations I create in my life.

When you accept 100% of your reality, it means you accept that you, and you alone, have solely created the good, the bad and the ugly in your life.

Accepting this concept wholeheartedly can be easier said than done. However, when you do, you can gain valuable insights into how you've created what you created as well as learning how you might replace the not-so-good manifestations with the great ones.

And that's why I've posed this very question to the angels...

Viv xx