are you feeling the pinch?


You may know everything about it or nothing about it, lovely soul, but one thing is for certain – right now, most people throughout the world are feeling its impact.

Are you one of those people?

Are you feeling the pinch right now?

If you are, I encourage you to keep reading…

The pandemic, the war between Russia and Ukraine… both have had quite an impact on people who are both directly and indirectly affected.

And, according to the ‘experts’, for the remainder of 2022 and heading into 2023, inflation is expected to increase even further, which means supply chains will become even tighter and prices will increase even further.

And when prices rise, it’s natural to feel the need to tighten your belt and reduce your spending.

It’s natural to put what little extra you may have now, by for an even rainier day.

It’s natural to begin to panic and worry about not just what you can afford now, but what you’ll be able to afford in the future if things continue to get even tougher.

And, yet, in a world where we have made money our king, tightening our belts and reducing our spending makes things even worse. It carries us from high inflation to recession.

So, what can you do?

How can and should you move forward in your life?

The first thing I would recommend you do is stop listening to all the doom and gloom, all the politicians, the economists, the business leaders who are touting further rises in inflation and a probable recession.

It’s not because they don’t know what they’re talking about – they do; they (well, most of them) have studied the impact of pandemics, wars etc on inflation in the past.

However, when politicians, economists, leaders, people others look up to for guidance; when they stand up and tell the collective that inflation will rise, that a recession is coming, and the collective believe those someones, what do you think happens?

Well, inflation will rise and a recession does come.

If enough people believe it, it happens because, like it or not, we create our own reality.

If I have learned anything over the years of following a more spiritual path, it’s that there’s something more powerful than any leader, or collective of leaders, on this earth. And that more powerful energy is an energy we are part of, an energy we derive from – the Universe, the Divine, the Creator, God… whatever name you choose.

When you have absolute faith and trust in the Divine, that the Universe has your back, the world can fall into a recession where so many, sadly, struggle and yet you will be provided for. Indeed, when the world around is falling apart, you can actually thrive and attract more abundance if your faith and trust is unwavering.

It just depends on whether you choose (and it is a choice) to fall down into the low vibration of fear, listening to the experts touting the doom of tomorrow or whether you fall up into the high vibration of love, trusting that the Universe will always provide your every need (and want).

What’s even more special and poignant is that if more of us choose to fall up to the vibration of love, trust, faith, we can lift the energy of the majority with us. As the pareto principle (also known as the law of the vital few) states: 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes.

The pareto principle can be applied to any area of life. From the darkest of crime where 80% of crime is shown to be committed by only 20% of criminals, to the supply chain where 80% of products are provided by 20% of suppliers, to business where 80% of production is created by 20% of employees, and, finally, to the economy where 80% of the negative downturn is created by the voices of 20% of the people (aka the leaders)…

Can you appreciate how we can apply the pareto principle for our collective benefit?

Can you appreciate the possibility to change the present-day economy where 80% of the desired positive outcome can be achieved by 20% of us trusting and believing in the power of the Divine, the Universe, God, the Creator?

There’s a wonderful book I read a number of years ago called “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” by Catherine Ponder. If ever there was a book you should not judge by its cover, it’s this book – fabulous book, terrible cover.

The opening sentence of the first chapter of this book sets the scene perfectly. It reads, “The shocking truth about prosperity is that it is shockingly right instead of shockingly wrong for you to be prosperous!”

You might want to read that sentence a couple of times for it to truly sink in. And then you might want to hop onto your favourite online book supplier or into your favourite local bookshop and order the book.

Here’s the thing:

We have been told, taught, and trained to believe that prosperity is wrong and even evil, that our lives ought to be a struggle, that we do not deserve happiness, joy, everything we both need and desire.

We have been told, taught, and trained that to be poor, to be struggling each month when the paycheque runs dry, to only be able to afford and have the cheapest of everything, is something to be proud of, something to be worn like a badge of honour.

We have been told, taught, and trained that to save money for a rainy day, to not spend our money ‘frivolously’, to get as much for free and pay as little as possible is the decent way to live.

Following all that you have been told, taught, and trained, how fulfilled has your life been?

What if you took everything you have been told, taught, and trained and turned it on its head, take it to be untrue, to be lies, to originate from the low vibration of fear?

What if you truly believed you are worthy and deserving of abundance and prosperity?

What if you had complete faith and trust that the Universe has your back and will provide for your every need and desire (in the same way it provides for the little birds in the trees… you’ll find that mind-blowingly obvious concept somewhere in Catherine Ponder’s book)?

What if?

Do you want to continue to let life kick you in the ass everyday or do you want to waken up each morning looking forward to whatever blessings life has in store for you?

Do you want to continue to keep falling down to the vibration of fear or do you want to rise up to the vibration of love, trust, faith in something that is way more powerful than any human (or collective of humans)?

Do you want to gain insight into how to move forward, positively, in your life or do you want to stay stuck and unfulfilled?

Only you can choose, lovely soul. And your choice will lead you to hit the button below or not…

The more we remain stuck in life, the harder and more overwhelming life becomes. And, so, we find ourselves frightened and confused, unable to move forward in life.

If this is where you find yourself, currently, in life, I invite you to watch the guidance received through my oracle cards from the angels and all positive energies who support and cheerlead us onward.

If you are serious about changing your life from one of struggle to one of prosperity, then you might want to consider moving from a life filled with fear to a life filled with gratitude.

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Viv xx