the little dutch boy

Before I get into the tale of the little Dutch boy, a tale you may already know, let me share two facts about him:

  • One, he was never real, he was just a fictional character
  • And two, he is more famous outside of The Netherlands than he is within The Netherlands.

Most Dutch people have never actually heard the tale of the little Dutch boy because he isn’t derived from Dutch folklore, rather he’s the creation of an American writer, Mary Mapes Dodge.

The story goes that there was a crack in a dijk (or dike in English) near the town of Haarlem, West of Amsterdam. The little Dutch boy saw this crack, and keen to stop it becoming bigger, allowing the water on the other side of the dijk to flood his beloved hometown, he placed his finger on the crack. And, heroically, he saved the day.

Now I’m not going to get into the unrealistic-ness of this heroic event. If a crack were to appear in a dijk, a little boy would never be able to plug that crack and stop the dijk from bursting with his finger. It would require a large ship, at least, to plug the initial crack, as was the case in Zuid-Holland in1953.

However, rather than worrying about how unrealistic the story is, I invite you to use the story as a reflection of what may be going on in your life.

With years upon years of programming by various adults (be they parents, teachers, people of influence) when you were a child,

with years upon years of creating limiting beliefs based on negative personal experiences,

with years upon years of listening to and believing the negative things that others have said to you, about you, or against you,

with years upon years of poor self-belief, self-esteem, self-worth,

you have built a fortified dijk of protection around you and your reality.

That dijk keeps you dry; it keeps the water out.

However, when that water represents abundance; abundance of money, abundance of love, abundance of joy, abundance of health… is your fortified dijk really serving and benefitting you?

Of course it isn’t.

And when a crack appears and a little bit of that abundance starts to trickle in, because you feel you’re not worthy, because you believe you’re not good enough, because you have so many limiting beliefs about your adequacy and potential, rather than letting the crack slowly break open your dijk of protection and enable the abundance to flow in, you plug that dijk with your finger. And the flow of abundance, no matter how small it may be, stops.

Does that sound or feel relevant to you?

Do you struggle to get by each month?

Do you feel, deep down, that there’s not enough abundance (whatever abundance may mean to you) in your life?

Do you look around you and see more abundance in the lives of those around you and wonder ‘why not me’?

Do you feel somehow, you’re not sure how, that you’re blocking the flow of abundance in your life?

Do you feel you don’t deserve, aren’t worthy of, aren’t good enough to receive abundance?

Do you think “abundance isn’t for me” or “it would never happen to me”?

If you do, then you’ve not only plugged a crack in the dijk with your finger, you’ve built the strongest most fortified dijk around you and your life.

In order for you to enjoy the flow of natural abundance, you have to take your finger away from the crack and let the water begin to trickle in. As you get more comfortable with the trickle of abundance in your life, you can then relax as the crack in your dijk begins to grow…

Already, however, your mind might be rushing to the future when the crack widens so much that your dijk becomes so weak that it collapses and the water rushes in and floods your life, that it even drowns you. That can be frightening and it’s understandable that your mind might go there because, after all, we have been taught to live from a place of fear; fearing what night happen, fearing what lies ahead in the future.

However, here’s the thing… your dijk isn’t going to give way and collapse immediately. It takes times to become weaker. And that gives you time to get used to your life beginning to fill up with abundance and goodness. That gives you time to float, rather than sink.

And when you don’t fight it, when you don’t try to save your dijk. Rather when you let the flow of abundance become so strong that it washes away your dijk, you’ll already have learned how to float and, perhaps, even swim in the water of abundance and you’ll be ready to go with the flow.

Sometimes it helps to use a tale or an analogy to describe what’s happening in our life. We’ve been brought up on stories. Stories have been used for centuries to share experience, knowledge, parables. So, we’re used to stories. And they’re an excellent tool when making hard lessons easier to accept.

And so is the case with the little Dutch boy.

So many of us are basically taught and told that we are heroes for stopping abundance entering our lives – it’s more admirable to struggle through life than to live a life that flows and is abundant.

Think about it. How often have you thought, said or read something negative about, for example, someone famous who appears to have plenty of money, who’s life appears to be perfect versus how many times you’ve thought, said or read something positive about them?

Mankind has glorified and honoured struggles in life, and has vilified and criticised living an abundant lifestyle.

However, if we’re struggling through life, how can we make this world a better place?

If we’re struggling through life and can barely keep our head above water, how can we adequately serve others?

If we’re struggling through life, how can we live in a higher vibration and shine our light brightly?

When you step back from everything you’ve been taught, told and shown, when you review life from a neutral and clear-headed perspective, can you see, appreciate and understand that a life lived in struggle is contrary and non-sensical because it’s blocking a life lived for the betterment of ourselves, those around us, Mother Earth and her animal kingdom?

Can you see and appreciate that by struggling through life you are actually doing yourself and those you are here to serve and help, a dis-service?

The angels, our spirit team, the Divine, all the positive energies that surround us, are egging us on to become better human beings, to create a better world, to shine our light brightly. And if you’re struggling, that’s simply impossible. And that means that, the angels, our spirit team, the Divine, all the positive energies that surround us each day, not only do they want us to attract abundance so we can meet our needs, they want us to thrive abundantly so we can meet our every desire.

Because when we thrive our energy and our vibration is high and we’re in a place where we can truly serve and create positive change.

Are you ready to remove your finger form the dijk and learn how you can attract more abundance into your life?

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There is no one way to enable the flow of abundance into your life. There are many changes and adjustments you can make, all unique and personal to you.

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Viv xx