are you feeling the overwhelm?

I don’t know about you, lovely soul, but to me it seems that, over the last few years, the world has been up-ended. It sometimes feels that everything is in turmoil and there doesn’t seem to be an end to it.

Once one thing seems to settle and pass, immediately a new upheaval takes its place.

It’s constant and it’s exhausting.

Do you find that too?

Or perhaps by now you’ve chosen to remove yourself from the world, you’ve given up on the world ever righting itself and finding some element of peace? Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you.

I stopped listening to the news many, many years ago. And I don’t believe I’ve ever read a newspaper in my entire life.

However, just because I don’t go seeking the news, doesn’t mean I’ve turned off and tuned out completely to everything that’s happening.

Sure, there’s many-a news story that goes by and I miss it. However, I trust that whatever I’m supposed to know about, whatever events are happening that I need to be aware of, they’ll find a way of reaching me. And they do.

However, recently, because so much has been happening, I also chose to sign up to a neutral news report email which every day gives updates on world events.

Each day I receive an email that summarises what has been happening without putting a specific spin on it. In other words, relaying news in a way that is the opposite of mainstream media which will only and always report from a negative and fear-driven standpoint. This way I have re-learned how to make up my own mind, I have re-learned how to have my own thoughts and create my own conclusions on world events. And I can, most importantly, continue to protect my energy and vibration whilst staying abreast with world events.

However, if you are like the many souls who do watch the news, who do read newspapers, who do read articles shared on social media, then you could very well be feeling overwhelmed right now. Between wars, protests, beatings, wrongful arrests, shootings, corruption… general vibrations of fear, hate and anger, it’s simply all too much.

And when things are all too much it’s easy to go one of a few ways:

You either get dragged under with everything that’s happening and feel helpless because you feel there’s nothing you can do,

or you turn off completely and don’t want anything more to do with this crazy world of hatred and anger,

or (if you’re an empath) you try to do all you can to make a difference but only end up burning out and being no good to anyone, especially yourself.

When the world is in such constant turmoil it simply means there’s a major shakeup, a major awakening happening. And that’s something you’ll want to be a part of, lovely soul.

However, to be open to the current climate of change and (positive) upheaval, it’s important to find peace within yourself. If you don’t, you simply can’t stay abreast and up to date without feeling overwhelmed and burning out.

So how do you find that vital inner peace when the outer world is in such turmoil?

Well, that’s exactly what I asked the angels this week for guidance on.

And, as always, the guidance they provided wasn’t only helpful but deeply insightful. Not to mention the deck and card they chose, was interesting (to say the least) and unexpected (they do like to keep us on our toes and come with guidance from unexpected angles).

If you wish to brush off overwhelm from the outer world yet still keep up to date with events, if you wish to protect and safeguard your energy and vibration from the negativity that’s hitting us from all directions, if you wish to find that necessary and vital inner peace so you can continue to thrive in the current climate, then click the button below to watch the preview and download this amazing insightful reading.

There are a number of practical ways you can contribute to achieving inner peace and having an attitude of gratitude is one of the best.

There’s something truly magical about gratitude, when it’s practiced fully and deeply. Not only does it keep your vibe high, even in the most challenging of times, it teaches you to be grateful for everything and every experience in your life and not just cherry-pick the ones you are naturally and easily grateful for.

Because a true gratitude practice goes so deep it’s not something you can create in a few days or weeks, for that matter. It takes time to create strong foundations and then build on those foundations brick by brick by brick.

And that’s exactly why I have created a year-long gratitude experience. Each week you’re given a quote and some musings to focus on and every single day you have short gratitude exercises created around that theme. The exercises are short so you stay constant to your commitment to gratitude. And they’re daily because it’s important to create a habit of gratitude.

On top of that are articles you can digest about all things ‘gratitude’ and an amazing, in-depth 1hr 45minute masterclass all about energy.

And did I mention all the wallpapers and music you get to enjoy too?

The next Start Monday with Gratitude experience begins on January 1st. The doors will open to those on my waitlist on that day and shall shut that evening. If you’re late you’ll have to wait another year… and, honestly, why put off changing your life for another year?

If inner peace is a goal you’d love to achieve, if you wish to remain a valued member of the world community, staying abreast of world events but not being negatively consumed by them, then gratitude is an attitude, practice, and habit you’ll want to create.

Are you ready? Then join my waitlist today. Don’t put it off till tomorrow.

Viv xx