i hope you don't get...

I've been meaning to write a blogpost about my personal experience of the impact of another's fears for me, but never quite got round to it. Now that the coronavirus has entered our world, this is a blogpost I feel I can no longer put off.

It's super important that you are conscious of your thinking and the energy vibration you are giving out to others.

We are all energy and energy is in constant movement. Your thoughts, actions, attitudes, opinions... they all create energy and that energy doesn't just happen and stop, it travels forward. So when I say to you "be careful of the energy vibration you are giving out to others at this time in our world", I'm being really serious.

It's natural to feel fearful about the unknown and, at the minute, the coronavirus is still relatively unknown. There's no vaccine to stop it, we don't know how far it will continue to spread or how quickly, we don't know why some people can fight it and others can't, and we don't know if it will impact us directly, either personally or through a loved one.

However fear is like giving the coronavirus life-breath. It's like standing on the sidelines of a sports field and cheering on your favourite player.

Not only does energy flow where attention and focus goes, but we can also project our fear and its negative vibration onto those around us, creating unwanted consequences.

This is exactly what happened to me.

My parents are so full of love for my sister and myself that sometimes their love can veer into the camp of fear. They want us to thrive and succeed but, at the same time, can feel helpless and not in full control and, so, they worry and that worry turns into fear. And so was the case of my Mum in her concern for my health.

I had been putting on a little bit of weight and my Mum was clearly concerned that it might affect my health because our family have a perceived sensitivity to sugar, with a number of my extended family members contracting Diabetes.

I remember, when they came over to visit me when I lived in The Netherlands and we were walking from the train station to my home, my parents were walking a little behind me and I heard them chatting. I don't think they knew I could hear them. Anyway, my Mum was very concerned about my weight and said to Dad: "I hope Viv doesn't get Diabetes". It angered me to hear her say that, even though she didn't think I'd heard it, because I'm terrified of needles and Diabetes was always a familial disease that I desperately didn't want to contract.

Her fear that I would contract Diabetes entered my subconscious mind, because it triggered a deep-rooted fear that lay dormant within me and brought it to the surface and my consciousness, where it began to fester.

Skip forward a number of years and I contracted a bladder infection. Because I was on a double dose of immuno-suppressor drugs for an unrelated illness (they do what they say: they suppress your immune system), my body wasn't able to fight the infection and I landed in hospital. After a few tests they discovered that my blood sugars were elevated. After they decided they had to put me on steroids to fight the bacteria and help my immune system, my blood sugar levels stayed permanently elevated (steroids can raise blood sugar levels). There seemed to be this whole hoo-ha amongst the medical staff about me suddenly developing Diabetes. A hoo-ha that I wasn't open to or happy to welcome. A hoo-ha that felt that it was fueling an unwanted fire within me.

When a Diabetic doctor came to talk to me about the disease and everything suddenly became real, I went into a meltdown swinging from absolute fear ("I'm terrified of needles") to sheer and utter anger ("this is my Mum's fault!"). Suddenly I was transported back to the very time and place when I overheard my Mum say "I hope Viv doesn't get Diabetes". I could see the scene, I could see exactly where we'd been walking, I could see and feel the very weather from that day. I was re-living the scene exactly. That experience penetrated me so strongly and so deeply that, years later, I could remember it with such clarity that it could have happened yesterday.

Since then it's taken a lot of affirmation work, a lot of positive thinking, a lot of lifestyle change to turn my diagnosis around and whilst I still have a sensitivity to sugar I no longer have Diabetes.

Today we are being faced with the coronavirus. As you know, if you feel afraid that it may impact you, personally, by letting that fear penetrate your thoughts, your focus and attention is being directed towards it and your energy can attract the very thing you don't want to attract.

However, if you carry a fear of coronavirus for an elderly parent or a young child, did you know that you can penetrate that fear onto them and weaken their ability to stave off the virus, just like my Mum did to me when it came to Diabetes?

Here's the thing. I heard my mother express her fear and it penetrated me. I don't see my mother often because I live in a different part of the world, however, I know that if she was fearful that one time, I can guarantee she continued to remain fearful and emit the negative energy of fear. And even though we were not physically together, even though I didn't hear her verbalise her fear again, it didn't matter. We are all energy, we are all connected. And, naturally, we have a closer connection with our direct family.

The reason I'm sharing this experience with you is not to frighten you - that's the very last thing I want to do. I'm sharing this because it's important to be aware that when we direct our focus and attention to something negative and low vibrational (eg fear), we will attract a similar energy towards us, even the exact fear that our attention has been drawn towards. It's also important to be aware that when we direct our focus and attention around something that's negative and low vibrational (eg fear) towards someone else, that someone else's energy will be negatively impacted and they too may attract a similar energy towards themselves, if not the exact fear that you are focusing on.

So when it comes to coronavirus and your loved ones, be they your elderly parents or your children, don't focus your attention on fear and think "I hope they don't get coronavirus" because you're only adding fuel to the virus fire. Rather, should you notice your thinking headed in that direction, stop and change your thoughts to something positive. Turn the situation around and think (or say) something along the lines of "I love that we are such a healthy and strong family".

As Dr Joe Dispenza, international lecturer, researcher, author and educator, says: "The question is, if our thoughts can make us sick is it possible that our thoughts can make us well?" There are more and more findings that, yes, our thoughts can make us well. But why even go that far and have to test the theories, why not simply stay conscious of you thoughts (and words) and when you see them turning negative, turn them around to something positive.

I appreciate you might not be 'buying into' this theory that I contracted Diabetes as a result of my Mum projecting her fear onto me. So let me quote Dr Bruce Lipton, former medical school professor, research scientist and author of "The Biology of Belief", who stated that "over 90% of illness on this planet today is based on lifestyle and stress and not genetics". Fear is a form of stress which directly impacts your immune system. Negative and fearful thoughts, negative and fearful emotions can (and do) make us sick.

Viv xx