where attention goes...

There's a phrase that I started to hear a few years ago when I first started looking into my mindset, raising my vibration, and becoming aware of my own energy and how it was being impacted by those around me, often without me consciously realising. And that phrase was: "where attention goes, energy flows".

In other words, wherever your thoughts or focus go, there too goes your energy and vibration and that's the same kind of energy and vibration you attract or mirror back to you. So if your thoughts are low as a result of, let's say, living a fearful life, then your vibration will be low and you'll begin to find that things of a similar vibration flow into your life. So if you're focused on lack and scarcity, be it in relation to money, love, the perfect job, health etc etc what do you think you'll attract? More of the same, of course. When your vibration and energy frequency is low you can't attract high vibrations, such as abundance, into your life. It's one of the fundamental Laws of the Universe, the Law of Attraction whereby like attracts like.

But what do we mean about 'focus' because it's only recently that I've really thought about this in detail.

There's the obvious explanation that if we're thinking about something negative, our focus naturally turns towards the negative and we attract the energy of negativity.

However, there's also the less obvious and much more subtle explanation which has every bit as big an impact in our lives. The easiest way to explain this is by means of an example.

Let's say you consciously and consistently work on staying positive and having a positive mindset that focuses on abundance, gratitude, joy... But you have a really good friend who lives in a constant state of lack and complaint. Even though your focus is on high vibrational things, when you're with that friend who can't see anything but lack and who complains about life, then whether you notice it consciously or unconsciously, your vibration will be dragged down lower while you spend time with that friend.

If you want to maintain a high vibration, you have to ensure you surround yourself with similar people who also carry a high vibration.

And I'm not just talking about physical friendships where you meet up for coffee and a chat, or dinner. I'm also talking online friendships too. If you have friends who share negativity on your social media feed or who are always talking about the latest world problem from a negative standpoint, and you read their posts, interact with their posts in anyway (even if you were to ask them to be more positive about life), then your vibration is being lowered because, whether you mean to or not, your focus and attention will have gone to a subject that attracts a low energy and vibration.

Not only that. Friends, physical or via social media, don't even have to be talking about something negative directly, they can simply be sharing about something that's in the news at the moment and BOOM! your focus can't help but be directed towards that something. And if that something has got negative connotations associated with it, what do you think will happen your energy? Yep... your energy will become lower.

It's like someone saying to you "don't think about the pink elephant in the room". No matter how hard you try, you simply can't not think about a pink elephant in a room. It's an automatic reflex.

The reason I'n sharing this is because something recently came into my awareness whereby I caught myself reading about a subject that has negative connotations, even though the person sharing it was doing so from a purely informative standpoint.

And the subject is the current hot topic: coronavirus (which, by the way, even by mentioning it here in this blogpost, I've instantly directed your attention and focus to it, a topic that has a negative connotation. And you know, by now, what that means - your vibrational energy will have dropped. My apologies for that. However, I feel that it's necessary to ensure you can move forward and protect your energy as much as possible.)

Although I don't want to be naive or live in total oblivion to what may be happening around me, I have consciously tried to limit this topic from entering my awareness, except to take in some important facts that I should, as a conscious human being responsible for my own actions and how they can impact those around me.

And as a result I haven't felt the fear of this virus to the same degree as many others nor have I succumbed to the fear instilled by the media nor the sudden panic-buying arising in society.

However, I have had family and friends ask me about the state of coronavirus in the country I currently reside. And by answering their questions not only am I being unconsciously pulled into the fear that surrounds coronavirus, but I'm also feeding their fears. And so, both the vibrational energy of myself and my family member or friend is being lowered because our attention and focus is directed towards a negative hot topic that currently instils fear in so many people and is, in itself, associated with fear.

Like I said earlier, where attention goes, energy flows.

As we focus on this negative topic, even just to answer a question from a friend or family member, we're allowing our energetic vibration to fall and leave us in a place whereby the very thing we don't want to focus on, but are actually focusing on because it's been raised into our awareness, is being attracted towards us. And the more time and energy we give to this lower vibration, the more attention and focus we give to the thing we actually don't want to give attention to, the higher the likelihood is that we will begin to attract it towards ourselves.

It seems like a vicious web that's impossible to break free from.

So, if you're like me and want to keep your vibration high and focused on life, on health, on abundance and gratitude, what should you do?

First up, don't get caught up in everything that is being shared about coronavirus at the moment, whether it be true or not (and let's be honest, it's difficult sometimes to tell what's true and what's not!) Don't read anything that is not for factual purposes only. And what I mean by that is, only read articles which will enable you to act as a responsible human being with care for your fellow human beings. Don't read anything that is emotive (negative or positive) because that will impact and lower your vibration.

Second, ask family and friends not to talk about coronavirus in your presence or to ask your opinion on it.

Third, if you see or hear the word coronavirus mentioned anywhere, walk away or scroll further so you no longer hear/see the word. And then say to yourself something like" I love my life; it is abundant and full of positive energy."

Finally, if you do find yourself getting sucked down the rabbit hole (and let's face it, we all do at some stage), walk away and come back to yourself when you realise you've fallen down that rabbit hole. Forgive yourself and show yourself compassion. Again, you can reaffirm "I love my life; it is abundant and full of positive energy".

You should protect your energy with your life because, after all, it is your life. And while doing so, understand that it's not just important to ensure your conscious focus and attention is pointed to high vibrational frequencies, but also your unconscious focus and attention.

Viv xx