how to cleanse your aura

Before we can move on to cleansing our aura, we need to know what an aura is, right?

An aura is the unseen electromagnetic energy field that surrounds all living creatures be they humans, your pet, wild animals, the plants in your garden or even the trees in the forest. It is an egg-shaped ball of energy that starts from the body and expands outwards in all directions to approximately 30cms.

When you're in good health and well-being your aura will be fresh and bright. In contrast, if you are depressed, ill or unwell, your aura can drag along the ground behind you as you walk. It can also change colour from bright colours to dull, dusky hues and even grey. And if you're a sensitive soul or an empath, your aura can expand much further.

As your aura is an energy field, it can be impacted by other energy fields eg the auras of other people. And, at times, you may pick up and even gather energies from people, both positive and negative, that will cling to your aura until your aura is cleansed and the unwanted energies released.

Different cultures treat the aura in different ways. Some cultures need (or give) more ‘personal space’ than others. For example, when Asians shake your hand they tend to lean backwards so not to ‘invade’ your aura (or have theirs invaded). In contrast some other cultures are ‘huggers’ and hug friends, family, strangers alike without thinking about the impact on the aura. And yet other cultures have no sense of personal space when around people they don't know.

Sensitive souls can feel when someone else's energy 'enters' their aura, especially if that energy is unknown or unwanted.

I remember an experience when I lived in a country where people had little sense of personal space. I was standing in a supermarket queue and the person behind kept standing too close to me. She wasn't touching me but her presence made me feel very uncomfortable. So I shuffled forward slightly to move away from her energy. What started as a tiny shuffle forward to move away from her energy soon turned into a comedy act. As I shuffled forward, she followed. So I shuffled again and she, again, moved forward. Before long, not only was I feeling impacted by the woman standing behind me but I had shuffled so far forward in an attempt to remove her energy from my aura that suddenly I could feel the impact of the person's aura who was standing in front of me!

I didn't make it to the cash desk to pay for my items as quickly as I should have that day because, to protect my aura, I left the queue and joined another where there seemed to be a bit more space between people.

This all might sound funny, something you might watch in a comedy show. And on this occasion, it wasn't anything serious. I felt someone enter my aura and I moved away in an attempt to remove her energy from mine. But there are times when people can impact your aura and you can carry that impact around with you until you cleanse your arua and release that energy.

I'm referring, specifically, to times when someone may negatively impact your aura and energy, such as the experience I describe in my blogpost: "return to sender". But regardless of whether the energy is positive or negative, or whether you sense that you may have picked up someone else' energy, it's important to keep your aura cleansed. Just like you clean your teeth at the end of the day to keep them healthy and strong, so you should cleanse your aura at the end of every day and, additionally, at times when you feel someone may have impacted it.

Although there's more than one way to cleanse your aura, the method I prefer combines the violet flame and Archangel Michael. And this is the method I'm going to walk you through. You may find that you fprefer another method for cleansing your aura, a method that suits you better, and that's fine. What's important is that you make this a daily practice.

Cleansing you Aura using the Violet Flame and Archangel Michael

  • close your eyes and stand tall with your feet hip-width apart
  • take a few deep breaths, breathing in through your nose expanding your stomach outwards, and out through your mouth allowing your stomach to push all the air out
  • imagine lovely roots growing out of the soles of your feet and grounding you down into the centre of Mother Earth
  • imagine yourself standing under a waterfall where the water washes over you, gently and lovingly yet thoroughly, washing over your body and through your body
  • see the water coloured violet, representing the violet flame (spiritual energy)
  • as it washes over you and through you, from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, picture it washing away any energy that's not your own, that may be attached to you
  • ask the violet flame to wash and cleanse each of your chakras (energy centres), from your crown chakra to your root chakra
  • picture the violet flame washing the energy down to and through the soles of you feet, down through the roots, and deep into Mother Earth
  • use your intution to feel when your energy has received sufficient cleansing from the violet flame
  • allow the waterfall to stop flowing and thank the violet flame
  • ask Archangel Michael to step forward and cut any cords that may be linking you to anyone else
  • picture Archangel Michael cutting through cords that travel out from the centre of your chest (heart chakra) connecting you with any others, with his sword; easily cutting through the cords like they're ribbons
  • after Archangel Michael has cut through the cords, if you feel there are still some cords remaining or not fully cut, ask Archangel to cut through the remaining cords
  • use your intuition to know when all cords linking your energy and aura to another have been cut
  • thank Archangel Michael
  • slowly bring your awareness back to your body and open your eyes
  • repeat this ritual every evening

If you practise this cleansing every evening you'll begin to notice a change in your energy. Where before, when you may have been weighed down every evening by energy you gathered throughout the day, now your energy will feel lighter. And not only that, you'll find that you become more aware of your aura. You'll more easily recognise if/when someone has entered your aura or impacted your aura. And when you notice this, take a few minutes out of your day to follow the above steps. It's better to cleanse your aura as and when you know it needs to be cleansed rather than to carry around energy that's not yours and only cleanse it in the evening.

Viv xx