it's time to start believing

You know that feeling when you look at someone who has life all sorted, its secrets discovered, and everything’s just fallen into place, life is smooooth…

And then you look at your own life…

That crappier than crap feeling when you realise that that’s for them, not for you. “I could never have what they have”, “I can never be what they are”, “That happens to them, not me”... and so on and so forth.

Sound familiar?

It’s usually someone famous or rich or important, right?

Because they’re special, they’re unique, they’re different, right?

We create this huge gap between them and us. Because there’s little old me struggling to get by and then there’s them…

How many times do we dig beneath the reality we believe to be?

How many times do we dive into their past to see if it was as easy as we believe it has been?

Rarely, right?

I don’t know… is it because if we dig a little deeper and find out that, actually, they’re not much different from us, there’s nothing magical or special about them, then we’ll somehow burst this ‘bubble’ we’ve created that keeps us in our comfort zone, safe from striving to be so much better because, after all, “that’s for them, not for me”?

I think it does us well to dig a little every now and then and discover the real truth behind the face of success. Because rather than de-motivating us and keeping us safe (and sad) in our comfort zone, it should actually motivate us: “If they can do it, so can I!”.

There’s one woman I deeply admire and that’s Colette Baron-Reid. The accolades listed after her name seem endless, from best-selling author to transformational thought leader to artist and, honestly, they’re a little bit scary too.

But why I admire her as much as I do is because, before she became who she is today, she was just like you and me… well, actually, she was probably a lot worse off than you or me. It’s not that I’m “isn’t it great that she struggled through life” (though I must admit it’s comforting to know she did), it’s more like “if she can do it, why can’t I?” Because, after all, I’m in a better starting place than she ever was.

You see Colette has had many a challenge to overcome in her life (haven’t we all?).

She had her heart broken (haven’t we all?), she’s experienced regret, shame, loneliness (haven’t we all?), she’s struggled with money (haven’t we all?), she’s been addicted to drugs and alcohol (haven’t we…. hang on, have we all?), and she’s been bankrupt (haven’t we…. hang on again… have we all?)

Sure, a lot of us go through addictions of some form or other whether it’s food or exercise, but being heavily addicted to alcohol and drugs, so much so you know you’ve hit rock bottom when you look in the mirror in your drug dealer’s bathroom and don’t recognise yourself… how many of us have experienced that?

But here’s the thing, even with all the struggles and challenges she has experienced, she has gone from rock bottom to oracle superstar with a string of accolades after her name.

Do you think she was lucky or special or unique? (“Honestly, is that a serious question, Viv?” I hear you, lovely soul, I know, I know…) If she was lucky, special or unique she’d never have hit rock bottom in the first place. I know I feel I’ve hit rock bottom many a time in the past but, seriously, my rock bottom was nothing compared to hers.

And that’s why she’s an inspiration to me. She motivates me to keep going when times are tough (because they’ll never ever (hopefully) be as tough as times in her past), and she motivates me not to give up when things don’t seem to be going to plan (if she can do it, so can I, right?).

What I love about the Colette of today is that she doesn’t take all the honour and glory for herself. Looking into that mirror in her drug dealer’s bathroom, unable to recognise herself, she doesn’t recount that she saw some bright shiny lightbulb suddenly appear above her head and she knew exactly what she had to do to transform her life for the better.

Do you know that she actually did in that rock-bottom moment?

She literally cried out, “Help me!” to the Universe (yep, apparently she literally screamed it out… no subtle whisper or quiet thought).

And she has been leaning on the Universe for help ever since. She always, consistently says that the Universe is her co-creator in life. She does the work, but the Universe works with her too. And by collaborating together with the Universe she has gone from rock bottom to oracle superstar.

Here’s the thing. We can all achieve greatness in life. It’s not kept aside and doled out to the lucky, the special, or the gifted. However, doing it alone… well, that can be tough. Doing anything alone is tough.

When you, however, choose to involve the Universe (and you need to do the choosing, the Universe will never impose on your life… unless you’re about to meet an untimely death, but that’s a whole other story…), then your life can take on a whole other course.

Can you imagine collaborating with the richest, most powerful, most insightful, most helpful, most supportive, all-knowing ‘person’ possible?

Can you imagine how that can change and impact your life?

Seriously, take a moment to imagine that…

Not one person on this planet can ever meet or match the power of the Universe. So why aren’t you working and collaborating with the Universe each and every day?

One of the easiest and least painful ways to talk to the Universe is through oracle cards. As Colette Baron-Reid herself says, “oracle cards are the new self-care”. They’re fun, high energy, insightful, motivating, and inspiring because the Universe wants us to achieve greatness.

And here’s the best thing… whilst it’s great to be able to read your own cards, you don’t have to. There are so many other ways you can receive guidance. And anyway, as every honest oracle card reader will tell you, the hardest person to read for is yourself (yep – that’s the cat finally let out of the bag... there's no shoving it back in again…)

Back in August last year, I felt drawn to create monthly oracle card readings, looking into the energy of the month ahead and seeing how we could make the most out of each month. Then in October, I felt drawn to creating oracle card readings based around a specific question. Each reading for either less than or a little more than a Starbucks Venti coffee (apparently it’s a thing – I don’t drink coffee so am clueless).

And besides that I offer a whole host of personal readings to suit every budget.

But here’s the thing. I could have one offering or I could have a zillion. However, if you’re not ready to make positive changes in your life, if you’re not ready to collaborate with the Universe, if you’re not ready to align your energy with the Universe, then it doesn’t matter how many offerings I lay at your feet, you’ll always walk in the other direction.

And that’s fine. That’s your choice and yours alone.

I can understand your choice because I know from myself and my own behaviour that, whilst self-care is important, whilst I believe in my very soul that the Universe only wants the very best for me, I don’t always choose the path of least resistance, I don’t always just knuckle down and get on with collaborating with the Universe to make my dream life my perfect reality.


Well, although the struggle is real and unpleasant and uncomfortable, it’s what I know. Although I don’t like the reality of my comfort zone because, honestly, it’s not that comfortable, what lies outside of it is so much more frightening.

That’s just how we humans roll.

The Universe: “Come walk the easy path, collaborating with the most powerful energy possible.”

Us: “Hmmmm… no thanks. I prefer to do it the hard way.”

Sounds ludicrous when you say it out loud, doesn’t it? But that’s how most of us roll.

There’s such a fear that if we say “Yes, please. I want to work and collaborate with the most powerful energy possible”, that we'll land flat on our face because, after all, that kind of dream life isn’t for us. We’re not lucky enough, deserving enough, not smart enough, special enough…

But you are…

It’s time to start believing.

If Colette Baron-Reid could clamber her way up from rock bottom and achieve what she has achieved, then so can you. Because, as much as I admire her, Colette is no better than you or me, she’s not more special than you or me, and she’s certainly not more lucky than you or me. She simply asked the Universe for help and the Universe helped.

Are you ready and inspired and motivated to ask the Universe for help?


Let me share all those helpful links again for when you're ready to collaborate with the Universe:

Viv xx