"be happy with what little you've got..."

Today is my #beautyfullquote day and this morning I asked the angels to place a quote before me that I should write about.

I came across quite a few but it was only when I read this quote that I could feel that this was the one I wanted to focus on today:

"Be happy with what little you've got. There are people with nothing who still manage to smile." (Unknown)

Now admittedly, this quote may not, at first, seem to fall under my normal theme of #beautyfullquotes but stick with me here. There's a powerful message behind this quote that I want to share with you today. And if I can touch but one person with my personal take on this, then my job for this week is done.

You see, when I read this quote I could feel an insane amount of anger rising up inside me. It really triggered me deep in my soul.

That might sound heartless to you and I get that because this quote reminds us that even though we may feel like we have little, there's always someone worse off... and yet they can smile at their lot and happily accept their life.

But I passionately disagree with this quote because it keeps us small, and because it's coming from a place of lack.

I believe that we're not in this life to, simply, survive and live. I believe we're here to make a difference in our own unique way. So by keeping ourselves small, accepting lack and just surviving in our own cocoon, we're simply not fulfilling our potential.

I know it's easier said than done, to thrive. Believe me. I've run my own business for over 7 years now and it has been a constant uphill battle and struggle. That's not something I feel very proud of. Because this uphill battle I've created for myself is doing nothing but keeping me small and dimming my light. And that's not what I believe my life should be about.

On the surface, Simply Skin appears to be a skincare brand but if you dig a little deeper, when you dig deeper, you'll uncover the true gold.

Because my desire for Simply Skin is two-fold.

Firstly I want my messages, my blogposts, my articles to encourage women to fall back in love with themselves.

Because I believe self-love is the root answer to so many issues facing us and the world around us. Think about it. If you loved yourself first, truly loved the person you are, truly loved your perceived imperfections, only then do you have the ability to truly unequivocally love those immediately around you. And when you have the ability to truly love those immediately around you, only then can you truly love those strangers who are unknown to you, those non-humans (aka animals) who are voiceless, the earth we currently dwell on. If love became a ripple effect, can you not see what a positive impact it would have on us, on the non-humans we share this planet with, on the planet itself?

Secondly I want to use my business to be a conduit for good for non-human animals (specifically bunnies).

For far too long we have seen ourselves as the primary predator, separated from the other animals we share this planet with. And, as a result, have acquired this egotistical belief that we are better and superior. Which has led us (directly or indirectly) to abuse the non-human animals around us for our personal benefit be it through animal testing on skincare or medical drugs, through hunting for thrills, for killing and eating in excess of our needs, for neglecting/abusing the animals in our homes because of our lack of education, understanding or worse... and so much more.

So I don't just want to be grateful for what little I have. I want (and need) to thrive. Because only when I thrive can I fulfill my potential for creating something better in this world. Only when I thrive can I help others thrive. Only when I thrive can I inspire others to shine their light and make a difference in their own special and unique way.

Can you see why this quote really riled me up?

Viv xx