spread a little happiness

I spotted a video today that tied in perfectly with an experience I had yesterday that I want to share.

Yesterday I was out and about doing the weekly grocery shopping and on my way home I stopped off at the pharmacy to top up on my drugs (drugs... that's a whole other story!)


I walk in and see two of the pharmacists together, talking. As soon as I walk by I'm immediately greeted with smiles and "Hello Mrs McAlister".

One of the ladies comes over to help me immediately and as I'm waiting for her to get the drugs I've requested, another of the pharmacy team walks past and, again, I'm greeted with a smile (a genuine smile) and a "Hello Mrs McAlister".

As I continue to wait a little longer (I'm really not waiting long at all, we're talking a minute or two), another pharmacy member walks past and, you've guessed it, smiles and says "Hello Mrs McAlister"

What I experienced yesterday was not a one-off. It happens every single time I go to the pharmacy.

It's not because I'm a regular (though thanks to a fun collection of dis-eases, I am), it's not because they remember me because of my weird name (it's certainly not a common Swiss surname), and it's not because I'm their only English-speaking customer (though I reckon I probably am).

It's because this is Switzerland and "service with a smile" is a real and genuine thing. Plus it's important to service-providers, such as the pharmacist, such as the vet etc that they remember you and your name.

They create a connection with you, one that is sincere and genuine.

And it makes all the difference.

I came home and said to my husband: "if I'm ever in a bad mood or feeling down, I'm going to make an excuse to go to the pharmacy because they cheer me right up every time."

It seems that connection, that interest, that friendliness between and among people has dissipated over the years. To me Switzerland is quite unique in this way and it's an uniqueness that I wish was not so unique. It's an uniqueness that I feel should spread as if it's pandemic.

We are all energy. Our vibration impacts those we come into contact with. So why not make that impact positive. Create connections (beyond your immediate family and friends), give away smiles as if they're for free (because they are) and spread a little happiness throughout your day.

Here's the video I mentioned at the start.

Viv xx