your gift to you

I absolutely loved buying Christmas presents as a child (and even into my early teenage years).

You wanna know why?

Thank you, if you already thought it was because I am a super generous and giving human being. However, as much as I don't want to burst your bubble, in light of being transparent and honest... generosity had absolutely nothing to do with it.

For me, the art of buying presents consisted of: one present for whomever I was buying for that day, and one present for me.

Yep, I was generous in giving to others and generous in giving to myself as well.

And my actions didn't go unnoticed in my family.

Where I saw myself as worthy of receiving gifts from myself, of worthy of spending my pocket money on myself, of showing myself love by treating myself (albeit constantly during the festive period) to something nice, my parents saw it in a very different light. Before too long, my reputation had reached the front door before I and my shopping bags did, and I was greeted by, "What did you buy for yourself this time?" It kind of became a bit of a joke to everyone in our family.

However, it wasn't a joke to me.

You see, I was a highly sensitive child and often took things said and jokes made, extremely personally. Where something was said in jest, I would translate it into being something wrong with me. And so, before too long, the jokes about me buying presents for myself (whilst also for buying for others... something that was often overlooked) soon translated into limiting beliefs such as "I'm not worthy", "I don't deserve to receive gifts", "I'm greedy and selfish", "I'm thoughtless - who would want to be with someone like me?", "It's wrong to spend my money on myself"... and so on. Limiting beliefs that have followed me around and played havoc in my life and in my relationship with myself and money ever since.

However, this blogpost isn't about my limiting beliefs (though I hope me sharing my experience and how such a simple joke has had such a significant impact on my life helps you gain insight into some of your own limiting beliefs). This blogpost is about taking what I did at face value, taking it as it was meant to be: buying myself gifts because I felt I deserved them, because I was showing myself love, because I felt I deserved to be treated well and the same as everybody else.

When was the last time you randomly bought yourself a gift because you simply wanted to, because you felt you deserved it, or because you wanted to show yourself how much you love you?

I have been promoting the latest gift I have on offer for you recently, the Card Café. And, sadly, the interest has been far from overwhelming.

I know there are people who simply aren't interested in taking their ability to read oracle cards further. Perhaps they did one of my courses, realised oracle cards aren't their bag and moved on. Or perhaps they're a perpetual learner who bags course after course, learning about something but never putting anything into practice.

One thing I do know is that there are a ton of people out there who have followed one or more of my card reading courses, would love to become better in reading oracle cards (whether that's to get out of their own way so they can read more accurately for themselves or take their skills to the next level and read for others), however they haven't signed up to join.

And the reason (or excuse) will boil down to having to pay to join which, sadly, shines a frighteningly bright light on the many limiting beliefs that are ruling (and ruining) people's lives every day. You might disagree. You might be saying, "That's not me, I just don't have the time" or "That's not me, I don't think you're worth it, Viv" or "That's not me, I don't need to learn or practice anymore than I already have or do"... Believe me, each and every one of those (and the many more that might be bombarding your mind right now), each and every one is a limiting belief that is stopping you from shining your light, from reaching your potential, from being amazing. And it's not just stopping you joining this amazing opportunity, it's negatively impacting all other areas of your life.

Here's the thing. If you first heard about the Card Café and even for a milisecond thought, "That sounds interesting/fun/cool/perfect..." however, then you didn't sign up, you made an excuse or found a reason that you believed was compelling enough to stop you joining, I hope you can see that that excuse or reason is getting in the way of your brilliance.

Isn't it time you gave yourself a gift? Isn't it time you told yourself that you're worthy of shining your light? Isn't it time you told yourself you deserve to have fun and be part of a truly special community? Isn't it time you spent the equivalent of a coffee and very sticky, highly calorific yet yummingly mouthwatering cream bun on yourself?

I think so too....

You've learned about oracle cards, are you now ready to invest in yourself and give yourself the gift of becoming brilliant, of shining your light, of reaching your potential?

Are you ready to knock all and any excuse out of the park and change your belief to one of "I am worthy"?

Then I'd love to welcome you to the Card Café. Details about it can be found by clicking the button below.

I truly hope to meet you in the next session of the Card Café.

Viv xx