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Each month you can subscribe and save - purchase, in advance, the oracle card readings to be shared that month at a reduced price

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what do I get?

You'll receive a monthly oracle card reading for February and two oracle card readings based on a specific question focused on love; be that romantic love, platonic love, or self-love.

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february multi-card reading

Normal Price: £9.99

Tune into the energy of the current month so the choices you make and the actions you take are in alignment with Universal energy. When we're in alignment our life flows with greater ease and grace.

You'll receive a link to download this reading shortly after payment

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card reading: move on from rejection

Normal Price: £5.55

Whatever form of rejection you've experienced - love, friendship, even rejection from a job - this in-depth single card reading gives you  guidance on how to move on positively from the experience.

You'll receive a link to download this reading on February 7th, 2024

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card reading: attract more love

Normal Price: £5.55

Romantic love, platonic love, family love, self love. Whatever type of love you wish to attract more of into your life, this in-depth single card reading gives you the advice, guidance and insights you need.

You'll receive a link to download this reading on February 21st, 2024

may I try before I buy?

Of course you may. I have provided an example of both types of readings below for you to watch so you have an idea and feel for what you'll receive.

Below is the monthly oracle reading for February 2023.

Monthly readings vary from 7-card readings to 10-card readings, depending on the areas the angels invite us to focus on each month. The deck I use for these readings is my 'working deck', Denise Linn's Gateway Oracle Deck. Each reading tends to last between 35 and 45 minutes.

Below is the oracle card reading based on the question: "What do I need to know to better improve my sense of self-worth?"

These oracle card readings are an in-depth look at guidance received through one card, taken from a wide variety of oracle decks. Each reading tends to last between 15 and 25 minutes.

your investment

The total price, when you purchase these readings individually, is £21.09.

However, I am offering you all 3 readings for only £17.71 (a reduction of more than 15%)

To embrace this offer, please complete the subsequent two steps.

step 1

Please enter your name and preferred email in the form below (so I know where to send you the link to your readings).

When you click on 'subscribe', you'll be taken to the payment page.

Please note: if you fail or forget to complete the payment on the next page, you shall not receive any of these readings.

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** optional extra **

Should you wish to, you can also receive a personalised 5-card reading centred around February's theme of love. Whether your focus is on improving self-love, rekindling a spark in an existing love relationship, or finding new love, the angels and I have got you covered.

This is a personalised remote reading, recorded only for you, focusing on only you.

Normal price: £33.33  Your special price: £27.71

Details of this special offer shall be sent to you a little later.