do it for you

Who do you live for?

Who do you dress for?

Who do you work for?

I remember when I was at college, I came home one summer wearing my most favourite pair of jeans which looked like they'd been put through a shredder on more than one occasion. My Dad didn't know what to do with me (or my jeans). So he did what he did best, he 'suggested' that one day I might waken up and my jeans would have moved to the rubbish bin.

Back then I was finding my freedom, I was finding my style, and I was dressing as I wanted to dress.

But my Dad had, and still has, a very different mindset.

He dresses, and expected me to dress, in a way that is accepted by others, in a way that looks 'right' to others, in a way that is deemed presentable and doesn't cause offence to others. That is something that has never made sense to me and still continues to baffle me to this day. Why should we dress so we are the same as everyone else?

And, yet, how many of us dress to fit in and, in turn, judge those who dress for themselves, who dare to be unique, who don't confrom?

And, similarly, how many of us are living lives that are acceptable to family and society but which aren't lighting us up and being true to who we are?

And how many of us are following career paths similar to our parents or other family members but which aren't, if we're honest, true to who we are?

If you're living, dressing, working, doing or being anything in life for anyone other than yourself, you're not being true and honest to your soul. And if you're not being true to your soul, your very essence, your light's not getting to shine. And your light, lovely soul, needs to shine brightly.

We are all unique souls. We are all here on earth at this time for a very unique reason and to live a very unique life. And if you're not doing so, you're wasting the gift of life that you have so generously been given.

The more we conform, the more we blend in, the more we live, dress, work, do and be like everyone else, the less positive impact we can have in our lives, in the lives around us, in this world. Our soul chose this time and this place to come to this earth to create positive change. It was not a mistake. It was meant to be. And yet by blending in, by being the same as everyone else, you're missing your chance, you're denying your soul, your very essence, of the greatness it came here for.

Yes, it's tough not to conform, but it's how you shine.

Yes, it's tough to stand up and be yourself, but it's how you live with authenticity and truth.

Yes, it's tough to break away from expectations and 'let people down', but it's how you blossom and thrive and bring greatness to this world.

if you're not living, dressing, working, doing, being for you, then perhaps now's the time to start changing your ways. It's only too late when you don't.

If you look around you to the changemakers of this world, to the men and women you admire and look up to, how many of them brought about great change because they conformed? How many of them shone brightly because they chose to blend in?

You may say "but I can't bring about change. I'm only me". That, lovely soul, is fear talking, not your soul. Your soul chose this time on earth because it is brave and has something to give and share. You are much more than your humanness and your fear; you are greatness, you are light.

But you can only be great if you choose to do it for you, if you choose to do it for your soul, if you choose not to blend in and hide away.

You can only shine and bring light if you choose to do it for you, if you choose to let your soul shine bright, if you refuse to let that light be dimmed.

Who are you dressing, living, working, doing and being for? If it's not for you, if it's not for your soul, then you're wasting the precious gift of life. If you know you are here to shine, if you're tired of blending in and living for everyone but you, then reach out... because I'm here for you and your light.

How do you shine and stop conforming?

How do you stand up and be yourself and live with authenticity and truth?

How do you break away from the expectations of others so you can blossom and thrive and bring greatness to this world?

The answer is simple in theory, yet can be challenging in practice. And that answer is to embrace your uniqueness.

And, so, for this reason I asked the angels and our guides for...

Viv xx