what are you manifesting?

When people talk about manifesting, their focus tends to be on the things they want to manifest in their life. Very few focus on the things they don't necessarily want to manifest.

And, yet, the Law of Manifestation works both ways.

Because, an important concept contained within this law is "where attention goes, energy flows". In other words, wherever your focus and attention are directed, be it positive or negative, then all your energy will flow in the same direction, creating a reality from that focus and attention.

This means that whatever you focus on is what you are bringing into your reality.

And whilst we all want to manifest good things into our life such as health, wealth, a nice house etc, we need to bear in mind that if our energy, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and focus are directed towards something more negative, that will manifest into our lives also. Energy and manifestation are neutral; they do not and can not separate what we want from what we actually don't want; they only bring into our reality what we focus on.

This is something I learned recently, the hard way.

I have always believed that I struggle to manifest anything into my life because, like everyone else, I look to see what positives I have manifested and created into my reality and tend to feel disappointed. However, recently, my awareness highlighted something that I manifested that I actually didn't want to manifest. Not only that, it highlighted to me just how easily I manifested it into my reality.

As you may know, I am the very proud Mama of two adorable bunnies, Forrest and Bobo. Unfortunately, Forrest hasn't proved to be the healthiest of bunnies and regularly goes into GI Stasis, a dangerous situation which can turn fatal fast, where a bunny stops eating and their digestive system shuts down.

Some time ago I started to keep a diary of how often Forrest goes into Stasis and how quickly my husband and I have been able to turn the situation around, to see if there was, perhaps, something, some commonality, that may be triggering her. Unfortunately, however, we have not yet been able to identify a trigger, as yet.

Then, a few days ago, completely out of the blue, I caught myself thinking "Forrest's doing really well at the moment. It feels like quite a while since she last went into Stasis". And, to check, I got out my diary and discovered that it had been 3 months since her last bout. I felt overjoyed that, perhaps, she might have turned a corner, that perhaps things might have settled for her. I felt so proud of how healthy she was.

However, those feelings of joy and pride quickly dissipated as my thoughts, almost instantaneously, turned to ones connected to fear: "I hope she'll stay healthy", "Is she maybe due to go into Stasis again?", "If she goes into Stasis I hope she doesn't do it when my husband is traveling as I can't care for her on my own"... and so the thoughts kept coming and coming. Even when I tried to consciously stop the thoughts, I knew they were still lurking in the background. I couldn't seem to switch them off or turn them around. My focus remained pointed in a negative direction.

Within two short days of my focus turning to Forrest's health, celebrating how long it had been since she'd been in Stasis, and then worrying if she was due another bout, she went into Stasis.


Unfortunately not.

My panicked energy, my worried energy demonstrated to me just how great a manifestor I am when it comes to manifesting things that I don't want in my life, things that I don't want to happen... all at the expense of little Forrest who suffered as a direct result of where my focus and energy were directed.

It taught me a really valuable lesson about manifesting; that the process of manifestation is neutral. It cannot decipher between something you want and something you want to avoid. It simply creates in your reality the thing that your focus, attention, feeling, thoughts, emotions are directed towards. And when I look back at the situation, I can confirm that, not only did I have those fear-based thoughts which I couldn't turn off even when I consciously tried to, I also felt the panic and felt the fear that came with those thoughts.

Without making much of a concerted effort, my thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy and focus had all turned to something I didn't want to bring into my reality. And in turning to it, I brought it into my reality.

The whole experience has got me thinking and trying to understand how and why it was so easy for me to manifest something negative into my life and yet it seems like a near-impossible struggle to manifest something positive into my life.

And the only thing that keeps popping into my mind is that, as individuals, we are brought up and surrounded by fear; "don't touch that, you'll get burned", "don't climb up there, you'll fall", "watch you don't hurt yourself", "wait till your father gets home"... and so on.

Fear is the emotion we understand better than any other emotion, simply because it has been instilled in us from such an early age, whether we were surrounded by adults who loved us so dearly they didn't want us getting hurt and thought they were protecting us or, indeed, by adults who did threaten, hurt and abuse us.

And, so, it's much easier and comfortable, whether we like it or not, for us to return to fear-based thinking and feeling, to see everything from a fear-based perspective. We're so adept at living, thinking, feeling from a place of fear, that when it comes to manifesting things into our life, we struggle to manifest the good stuff and easily manifest the not-so-good stuff.

This experience has taught me a lot and opened my eyes to see and understand how easy it actually is to manifest things into my life, when I'm coming from a place of fear. So why isn't it so easy to manifest the good things in my life?

Well, when I ty to manifest the good things in my life, the things that would actually ease my life, I do exactly the same as I do when I unconsciously manifest the not-so-good things in my life; I direct my thoughts, feelings, attention and focus on the thing I want to manifest. I bathe in the feelings of joy I'll experience when I have manifested it, I think about how great life will be after I've manifested it and I turn my attention and focus to it.

However, there's a second step I do when I'm trying to manifest something positive. And that's where I think everything goes pear-shaped. Just like I did with Forrest's health, I focus on the positive but before I know it, my thoughts, feelings, focus and attention inevitably get diverted away from the positive and start questioning if I can actually manifest what I really want, doubting that I may deserve what I want to manifest, thinking thoughts like "it'll never

Before the thing I want to manifest into my reality has a chance to even get near to me, I've already pushed it away by returning to my go-to, child-instilled, comfort-zone thoughts that are derived from a place of fear.

Is it any wonder I struggle to manifest the great things I want in my life?

Viv xx