the energetic meeting of East and west

German-born theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, deemed one of the most influential scientists of all time, discovered that everything, including you and me, is energy.

What does that mean?

Well, look at your hand. It looks and it feels solid, right? You would probably agree that our bodies are made up of matter – physical substance as distinct from mind and spirit.

However, place your hand under a super strong and powerful microscope and would you still find something solid?

The answer would be no.

When we break down the closely packed matter that makes our bodies, you’d discover that it’s made up of tiny little atoms vibrating and crashing against each other. In other words, energy.

So, whilst we may look and feel solid, we’re actually created from trillions upon trillions of closely packed vibrating particles of energy.

If you are energy and I am energy, if my bunnies are energy, and the plants in our homes are energy, if your television is energy and the book you may be reading is energy too, if everything you can see, touch, and imagine is energy, that suggests that, on a fundamental level, we are all connected and united through energy.

This means that all you are and all you do not only impacts yourself, it impacts those around you and beyond because energy is always moving and vibrating and energy impacts energy.

Often this is taken to mean that the thoughts you think create your reality, the actions you take impact you and those around you, as do your words, and your emotions. And, of course, vice versa – the thoughts, actions, words, emotions etc of those around you will impact you.

However, it also means that, as you are made up of energy, you are alive thanks to energy. Once energy leaves your body, who you are in terms of body, mind and spirit, will cease to exist.

When people talk about this type of energy, it’s usually in relation to Eastern philosophy rather than Western science. And if is often referred to as ‘Prana’ in Hindu philosophy, ‘Chi’ in Chinese, ‘Mana’ for the Polynesians, and ‘Qi’ to the Japanese. Different titles, yet the  concept and principles are basically the same.

Prana is lifeforce energy, it’s primary energy and is often referred to as ‘breath’ or ‘vital force’. Prana, being a concept of many levels, isn’t as straightforward as being only basic life-force energy, however, it is also considered to be the original creative power, the master form of all energy working at every level of our being.

According to Eastern philosophy, as Prana courses through our body it does so via energy pathways, known as meridians or nadis, a bit like the energetic version of our veins, only Prana carries life energy whereas veins carry the physical manifestation of life energy, blood.

At certain points along the way, you find connectors for these pathways, a bit like the physical organs of the body, only these connectors, like the energy pathways, are energetic. Indeed, these energy connectors, which we commonly refer to as chakras (meaning ‘wheels’) regulate the meridians.

This means that should an imbalance or blockage arise in a chakra, that can cause the meridian to be affected and fall out of balance. And this can have an impact on our health and wellbeing.

And when I say it can have an impact on our health and wellbeing, I mean it doesn’t only impact us energetically (as meridians and chakras are energetic), it also impacts our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health (as Prana is the master form of all energy working at every level of our being).

Similarly, how a charka can fall out of balance or blocked, can be created not only as a result of a problem with the flow of Prana energy, it can be created on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Everything is connected. Everything is energy.

Whilst, particularly in Western society, we are now coming round to the idea that our feelings (such as stress), our thoughts (such as negative self-talk), the impact of past actions (trauma), as well as the food we eat, can create physical and mental dis-ease in our bodies, we can no longer ignore Eastern philosophy that the same things also negatively impact us on an energetic level.

And so, this insight and understanding now compels us to consider the health of our energy system, the chakra and meridian system, and include it in our personal care, consider it’s impact on our physical health and well-being.

The importance and relevance of our chakra energy system can no longer be ignored, if you are to maintain our health on a physical, mental, emotional, and energetic level.

So, what can you do to ensure your chakra energy system is maintained and remains healthy?

That’s the question I posed to the angels, spirit team and the Universe.

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Viv xx