how can I tell if my chakras are blocked?

It makes sense – regular caring for, tending, and clearing our chakras will usually keep them healthy and lifeforce energy (prana) flowing through them smoothly and unhindered. And yet how many of us do it?

More often than not, we only choose to address an issue when it finally becomes a physical hindrance in our life. And yet the majority (if not all) of our physical aches and pains never actually originated that way, they never started off as physical problems. Usually, the physical pain is our body and soul’s final cry for help because we haven’t been listening closely enough and sensing the signs that things were going out of balance, that we were blocked in some way – emotionally, mentally, energetically or spiritually.

It may have started as a negative thought which kept chirping at us, or a low emotion that we weren’t able to let go of or process in a healthy manner, or an experience that left a bitter taste in our mouths and we couldn’t bring ourselves to forgive or which we never thought to cut cords with.

If only we had addressed the blocks when they first started to form, we’d be a much better place, physically as well as emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically.

In saying that though, apart from doing regular cleansing and re-balancing of ourselves and our chakra energy system, which, if we’re truly honest with ourselves, few of us are committed to, how would we know when our chakras are blocked? Are there any tell-tale signs we can look out for? Do we get any clues before they manifest and show up in our physical bodies, making it more challenging to heal?

The answer is, yes. There are signs that can tell you that your charkas may be blocked.

However, there’s also no one single sign, no single flashing neon light that will always indicate that your charkas are blocked. As well as that, depending on which chakra is blocked, you may receive different indications. All this means that you may not actually realise that any or all of your chakras are blocked.

So, whilst I’ll share some general ways in which your chakras may show signs that they’re blocked, my recommendation is you don’t wait for the signs. Rather, get into a rhythm of caring for and cleansing your chakra system to reduce the chances of it becoming blocked.


The Physical Signs

Let’s start with the last, first. When you get physical signs that could be telling you your chakras are blocked, well… let’s just say your body will probably have been giving you plenty of other signs on other different levels (eg emotional, mental) before it gets to this stage. The physical manifestation arising from a blocked chakra is usually (not always) the last way the block will manifest itself.

From a physical perspective, signs that your chakras may be blocked can include aches and pains such as back or hip pain, headaches, earache as well as stiffness in certain areas or something not working as smoothly as it should (eg your digestive system might be a bit sluggish).

The specific area experiencing the pain, ache or stiffness can give an indication as to which specific chakra may be blocked. For example, lower leg pains can indicate the root chakra, whereas a sore throat can indicate a block in the throat chakra.


The Mental Signs

As I’ve mentioned earlier, blocked chakras can impact us on any level and it’s good to become more in-tune with your body, not just from a physical perspective, so you can spot possible blocks faster, before they become more serious and more long-term.

From a mental perspective a blocked chakra can show up as fogginess in the brain, lack of concentration, inability to think clearly, getting easily distracted, losing your train of thought… and so on.


The Emotional Signs

It can be challenging, until you’ve established a strong and insightful connection with your body, to connect a mental sign with a blocked chakra because the blockage is inhibiting the very part of us, the mental part, that we tend to turn to most when wondering if something’s not quite right and trying to find out what the cause could be. In fairness, it would be better to turn to your intuition for such insights, more so than your analytical mind. However, that’s not how we usually operate, at least not without a lot of practice, dedication, and commitment.

In contrast, though not easy, with practice it is easier to pick up on emotional signs that your chakras may be blocked or becoming blocked because it’s easier to pick up on a change of emotions than it is to pick up on something subtle like a growing lack of concentration. For example, if you suddenly find yourself feeling irritable, tearful, or consumed by unexplained worry, then you might begin to wonder and ask, “What’s going on? Why am I suddenly feeling like this?” And now that you know that a blocked chakra can reveal itself in a number of different ways, you might now ask yourself, “Are any of my chakras blocked?”


Within Western society in particular, we have become so accustomed to handing our bodies and our health over to others, such as doctors, consultants, healers, that we have lost a vital connection with ourselves.

Whilst doctors and consultants may have, for example, more know-how into organs, nerves, bones and how they individually operate, whilst healers may be gifted in, for example, sensing areas of imbalance or intuitively pick up on limiting beliefs that have manifested in your body, no-one, no matter how much training they’ve done, no matter how intuitive and gifted they may be, no-one can know your body better than you. After all, you are the only person who lives with your body day-in and day-out, 24/7.

Additionally, in handing our bodies and health over to others, we have stopped taking responsibility for our health and well-being. And when we stop taking responsibility for our health and well-being, the likelihood of taking responsibility for our lives and everything and anything that arises and occurs in our lives, is also slim. And so, rather than embracing the truth that we create our own reality, we pan that off and look to blame others, the world, the universe, natural disasters, everything external to us, for creating the challenges and struggles we experience.

When you learn to tune into your chakras, when you gain insights into your energy system, it just doesn’t end there. It percolates deeper into all other areas of your life, encouraging you to take back responsibility for you health, well-being, and everything that arises in your life. It encourages you to take back responsibility for your life and all you create.

Tuning into your chakras can be the first step in changing your life for the better. Because through them you can become more attuned with your body, your mind, your spirit, your life. And when you are more in-tune with yourself, you can better use your insights, connection, and intuition to change your life for the better, on all levels.

Now you have an idea of the varied symptoms and signs your body may reveal to highlight that your chakras are blocked or becoming blocked, what can you do to release and remove those blocks from your energy system?

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