have you prepped yet?

When your country began its lock-down in relation to coronavirus, what did you do, how did you feel?

Did you feel fear? Did you panic and, like so many others, did you run to the supermarket to stock up on essentials? Did you worry about loved ones who might be at risk? Did you worry about your own health and safety? Did you tune into social media and the news, continuously, for updates and 'stay informed'? Did you share posts on social media about panic buying, about what you'd read or heard, about anything that didn't refer to the coronavirus in a positive light? Did your stress levels rise or even go through the roof?

All those emotions, all those reactions were and are perfectly normal. However, I'm here today to encourage you move away from those emotions because they're simply not serving, benefitting or keeping you safe. Emotions and reactions such as fear, panic, stress, focusing on negativity, are all low-vibrational energies, and we know that, based on the Law of Attraction, like energy attracts like energy. So if your body is radiating a low vibration, it will attract low vibrational energy towards it. Do you think the coronavirus has a high and positive vibration or a low and damaging vibration?

We also know that where our attention or focus goes, energy flows. This is simply another way of describing the Law of Atrraction. When we talk about something, when we think about something, when our focus and attention is given to something, our energy will begin to attract that very thing into our reality. Do you really want the coronavirus to show up on your doorstep?

Finally, low vibrational emotions such as stress, fear and worry will lower your immune system. When your immune system is lowered, you become more susceptible to illnesses and diseases, such as the coronavirus. Would you rather be strong and able to fight or be weak and unable to survive?

These are just a few reasons why I'm encouraging you today to stop worrying and being fearful about coronavirus, stop panic-buying, stop listening to the media and the scaremongerers, stop sharing negativity, and stop feeling stressed.

What should you focus on instead? Well I have some suggestions for you.

#1 Healthy Body

Focus on building a strong and healthy body, as best you can. Be conscious of the food you're putting in your mouth. Is it live food or is it dead food? Does it have a high vibration or a low vibration? Is it immune supporting or immune supressing?

Vegetables, fruits and nuts should make up your diet. They're full of nutrients, minerals and vitamins - everything your body needs to thrive, not just today, but everyday. Processed foods and foods that are man-made or have gone through too many hands in a factory supply chain have no nutritional value or benefit. Not only that, they put strain on your digestive system, strain that it simply doesn't need. Meat carries a low and heavy vibration which, in turn lowers and weighs down your vibration, as it carries the energy of the animal and its experience of fear and trauma as it was slaughtered.

In other words, eat the food that Mother Earth has grown, not the food that man has made.

#2 Healthy Mindset

Create a strong, healthy and positive mindset. As I mentioned above, like attracts like so when your energy is positive and high, you'll attract the same energy towards you. Meditation is excellent for a positive mindset and with so many people working from home now, now is the perfect time to introduce meditation into your lifestyle and make it a positive, daily habit.

It's also important to set your personal boundaries so your energy doesn't get pulled down by others. So choose to walk away from conversations that don't light you up, choose to not 'hang out' (online or on the phone) with friends who complain and worry and who zap your energy, choose to turn off social media and the news so your energy is not consciously or unconsciously penetrated by negativity.

#3 Move your Body

If you're working from home you may not be as active as you would have been at work, even in an office. But it's important to keep your body moving. Ideally, head out into nature for a walk so you can absorb her beautiful and positive energy. However, if that's not practical for you just now, if you're under 'house arrest', head out into your garden or onto your balcony and move around. Practise yoga, do some skipping, jump up and down on a tampoline. Even when you're indoors you can move your body: dance in your kitchen while you make dinner and shake your booty while you vacuum.

Movement helps our lymphatic system stay in flow and moving; our body's system that drains and removes toxins from our body and prevents our energy flow from becoming stagnant, stuck and blocked which, in turn, will create illness and dis-ease.

#4 Look Inward

We have been given this amazing opportunity to become quiet and look inwards. I suggest you really make the most of it. Every day set some time aside (it doesn't have to be long) to sit and contemplate how you can become a better human being (we all have room to improve). Ask yourself questions like: "Am I making the most out of my true potential?" "Am I allowing my light to shine and touch others through the work/job I have chosen to do?" "What behaviours and habits can I change that will have a positive impact on my footprint in this world?" "What choices and decisions can I make that will ensure I leave this world in a better place than when I entered it?" "What choices and decisions can I make that will ensure I stay in alignment with who I am at a soul level?" "What changes can I adopt that will bring me back in alignment with nature and the animal kingdom?" "What can I do to inspire others to step forward into their light and change their ways so we live in harmony with nature and those we share this planet with?"

#5 Reconnect with your Family

Our lives are so busy, we often feel we're running at a million miles per hour. And when you're living your life at such a pace and under such stress, your focus is on survival, getting through the day. And that can mean that you don't have time for quality time with those you love. That can mean that you've lost touch with those you love. Do you really know what your partner does each day at work? Do you really know what your children do each day at school? Lockdowns, isolation at home, working from home, all these 'inconveniences' to our normal hectic schedule are giving us the chance to reconnect with our loved ones, to sit down and listen to each other, understand each other, become closer than ever before. Such a beautiful opportunity and blessing that has landed in our laps.

#6 Read, Study, Develop, Grow

This is closely linked to #4 - looking inward. When you take that chance to look inward and see who you truly are at soul level, understand what lights up your soul, get a glimpse of your soul path, and start to connect with your soul purpose, you might find that you're currently aimlessly wandering way off track. And that's okay. There are so many demands and expectations placed upon us that we choose to do what we feel we need to do to get by and survive. However, in the weeks, and possibly months ahead, you have the opportunity to begin to change direction, to choose a path that feels more aligned with who you are at soul level. It's a truly exciting opportunity, if you're willing to embrace it.

Should you choose to embrace it, you may choose to read more about that which lights you up, you may choose to study a course that will help you change direction, you may choose to work with a mentor so you can develop, grow and become a true representation of your soul. Waking up and choosing to walk your soul path and follow your soul purpose is not always the easy choice. It may demand courage and strength to walk away from familial and societal expectations and norms, to walk away from the security and comfort you've become accustomed to. But it's a path that will bring you fulfilment, peace and a sense of purpose, knowing that you are shining your light and creating a better life and world for yourself and those who need you. If you do choose to shine your light but need support and guidance to walk your soul path, then please reach out. The angels and I are here to support and guide you. To find out how I can help you and how we can work together, with the angels and your spirit guides, click here.


We are living in an unprecedented time, a time which is offering each and every one of us the choice: you can either drown in fear and panic, or you rise up and become a better individual leading our human race towards a better tomorrow, or you can do nothing (which in itself is a choice). Don't waste this amazing opportunity that nature has so generously given you.

Viv xx