how would you react?

Have you ever been to London? Or, indeed, have you ever visited any busy country capital where there are crowds of people and the streets are super busy?
Have you ever driven through such a city? And, if you haven’t can you imagine how stressful it could be to drive through a busy city and not know exactly where you’re going?
That happened to a friend of mine.
She had been just outside London for a day-long meeting. The people she had spent the day with really lifted her spirits, made her feel like she was walking on air, raised her vibration.
However, she still needed to navigate the busy roads and motorways that bypass London in order for her to get home. And while she was doing so, she came across a fellow-driver who didn’t have the patience for someone trying to navigate her way around. And he became quite aggressive towards her, tooting his horn, waving his hands about. Being unkind to someone who didn’t know the roads as well as he did, and didn’t drive them on a daily basis.
Most people would react to such a bully. And, indeed, my friend admitted that she did, also.
However, she reacted not in the way the bully probably expected and not in the way most people would.

Because she had spent the day in such a loving and uplifting environment which had changed her whole vibration and attitude, rather than reacting the way most people would and return similar gestures back to the bullying driver, she simply turned to him, smiled, and blew him a kiss.
All too often, when someone reacts in a low vibrational manner towards us, it’s much easier to fall down to their vibrational level and react accordingly. And yet as my friend has shown, it’s much better for us emotionally and energetically to not look back in anger. Rather, as was the case with my friend, show love, compassion, caring. Keep your vibe high.
And that’s far from easy.

However, the more you practice gratitude, the more you spend your time in higher vibrations, and the more you want to stay in those higher vibrations. And so, the more you practice gratitude, the more likely you’ll react in a way that ensures you stay in the higher vibration rather than drop down to the vibration of the other person.

Be honest with yourself. If you were to find yourself in a similar position, how would you react? Would you drop to the same vibration as the angry driver or would you maintain a high vibe?

Even if you admire my friend's behaviour and would wish the same of yourself, we all know that reacting in such a positive and high vibe way is not the norm, even when you do practice gratitude. Our immediate reactions happen in split-second and are very much aligned to how we have been programmed to behave since a young age. Unravelling programming that has been part of our makeup for years ad decades not only takes time, it takes commitment and dedication.

So, even though you ay practice gratitude daily, eve though gratitude has become part of your makeup, because it's a newer programming the old instinctual habits can easily take over.

Like with everything in life, awareness, desire, and practice are what create the difference. When you find yourself in such situations, if you can take a breath before reacting so you can choose to react in a high vibrational manner. However, that's not always possible. So, if you do find yourself reacting negatively, capture it in your awareness and, without berating yourself, express your desire to react differently the next time. The more you train yourself in this way, the more your behaviour will follow suit.

Would you prefer to react to negative situations in a more positive manner? Residing in a high vibrational state can help you do so. And there are few higher vibrations than that of gratitude.

Choose to live in a higher vibration. Choose to react differently.

Viv xx