let's get selfish

We're in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, a time when neighbours are helping out neighbours, when people are being more thoughtful and considerate towards strangers, and I'm sitting here telling you to be selfish. Seriously?

Yes, seriously.

Because I'm talking from an energy perspective. Now's the time to be truly selfish when it comes to your energy because now's the time to focus on keeping your vibration high.

What does that mean? Well, let's go back to basics and take it from there.

Everything is energy. You are energy, the chair you're sitting on is energy, your thoughts are energy, as are your emotions, the plants in your home are energy, your beloved pets are energy. Everything that is around you is interconnected in a web of energy. And the thing about energy is it is always vibrating, it always has somewhere to go and is never stagnant.

What that can mean, in a practical sense is, for example, if you walk into a room where there's been an argument, you can feel and sense the atmosphere and energy. There's the saying "you could cut through the atmosphere with a knife". Arguments are fueled by emotions such as anger, frustration, annoyance, hurt, rage, disappointment. All these emotions are what we would refer to as low vibrational energies. And as energy impacts everything around us, including ourselves, these low vibrational energies will have a knock-on effect on your own personal energy.

So, if you received some really great news and you were rushing to share it with a friend but that friend had been in an argument just before you arrived, how do you think you'll feel after you walk into the room? Suddenly your feeling of jubilation and celebration has been quashed because the energy of the room has been lowered and feels weighted down by a recent argument and the vibration of that argument touches you and impacts your own vibrational energy. We've all experienced this, right?

So whilst it's nice to not have such a low vibrational energy impact your energy, it can and does happen. So why all the concern about being selfish about your personal energy and keeping it high, especially at the present time?

Here's the thing. As your energetic vibration lowers, it creates a physiological effect in your body. Lower vibrational energy impacts your immune system, the system that keeps you healthy and fights off bacteria and viruses. If your immune system is compromised by consistent low vibrational energy, you're leaving your body wide open to any passing virus because your body simply will not have the same level of strength, nor will it have the same ability to fight off or stop the virus penetrating in the first place, allowing it (the virus) to wreak havoc in your body. Not only will your body struggle to stave off the virus, keeping your body in a consistent state of low vibrational energy will make you more susceptible to long-term illnesses and disease.

So, if you keep your body in a constant state of low vibrational energy, in the present time, you are making it more susceptible to contracting the coronavirus. Not only that, if you're fortunate enough to avoid the virus, it doesn't mean to say your body won't be affected by the onslaught of constant low vibrational energy further down the line, in the form of a disease.

It's a harsh and stark message but, to be honest, I can't sugarcoated it because it's a message that we all need to take seriously.

So, with this in mind, what can we do to better safeguard our bodies and to make the stronger? The obvious response is to raise your energetic vibration and keep it in a constant high state.

How do you do this? Well I created a blogpost some time ago giving a list of 5 ways to raise your vibration, 5 suggestions to get your started and inspire you. You can read that blogpost here.

In this blogpost, however, I want to focus on one way to stop your energetic vibration lowering in the first place.

And that is to stop fear and panic in its tracks. Simply do not let it reside in your life, in your reality, for any period of time. Don't let it overstay its welcome.

Everywhere I look I'm seeing people panicking and feeling fearful, whether it's panic-buying because they don't know if they'll have food (or toilet roll) in the future, or fearing that the virus will impact their lives directly through themselves or through someone they love, or worried what the future will look like, or whether they might lose their job, or, or, or.

Here's the thing. It's okay to feel lost for a while and to experience some element of fear as we step forward into an unknown and unprecedented existence. That's all part of our journey. After all, it's always darkest before the light shines through. And by allowing yourself to experience fear and panic for a short period ensures you don't feel stressed (another low vibrational energy) that you're feeling scared and panicked in the first place. There's no point in being scared to feel scared. That's just a catch-22 situation and an ever downwad spiral. However, for the sake of your health and for the sake of the health of the human race as a whole, you cannot let your thoughts and emotions reside in that place of fear long-term. Because if you do, your (personal) immune system will become compromised and the health of the human race as a whole will become compromised.

So here are a few things that I'm practising at the moment, and indeed practise all the time, to ensure I keep my energy and vibration high and fear at a distance:

  • don't read any posts on social media etc that are negative and/or induce fear/anger
  • don't share any negative experiences that may have happened to you or to others
  • don't read newspapers or listen to extended news reports
  • choose to hear the facts only, shared by those who know what they're talking about, such as scientists and medics, and who aren't paid, don't get a bigger following, or don't grow a bigger ego, by sensationalising anything
  • always T.H.I.N.K before you write or share anything ie ask: "Is what I'm writing or sharing True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, and Kind?"
  • don't get involved in negative or fear-based conversations with friends or relatives, simply walk away or ask them to change the subject

I can't stress enough about the importance of not buying into the fear and panic that is flooding our lives at the moment. Don't buy into it, don't partake in it and certainly don't exacerbate it. For the current and future health of you and our human race don't entertain fear and don't let anyone compromise your health or the health of our rce by inducing fear in you.

Like I said earlier, there will be times when fear will creep up on your and will take hold. When that happens don't fight it, experience it and let it pass by. Meditate through your fear until it subsides. Certainly, do not let it get comfortable in your life.

Viv xx