living positively

change your response

How are you choosing to view Coronavirus? How are you choosing to live in today's new world?

Sometimes, the choices we make will not tie in with the beliefs and limitations of others. Sometimes, our wishes will not be respected and honoured by others. Sometimes, people simply don't know, understand or even forget how we wish to live, what conversations and discussions we want to be a part of.

Does that mean you cut those people out of your life? Perhaps. But it's not always possible. So what should you do then, lovely soul? You should change your response and your reaction.

Do you know of someone, a friend, relative, work colleague, who is ready to live positively? Do you have someone in your life who would benefit from watching the videos in my free Living Positively series? If you do, please do share the link below, with them. Copy and paste the link below into an email for them and show them that you see their desire for change, you honour it, and you support it.

Here's the link: