living positively video series thank you

Thank you for purchaising the LIVING POSITIVELY video series, lovely soul.

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Below are some helpful hints to get the very most out of the LIVING POSITIVELY video series.

Tip 1: set a specific time aside each day

Change only happens when we do something reguarly and often.

Therefore, commit to a specific time each and every day, preferably the same time each day, when you can relax and watch that day's video and any bonuses that may come with it.

Make a date with yourself. Set this time aside in your diary and honour it.

tip 2: do not disturb

This is your time. This is time just for you.

So make sure you will not be disturbed.

Tell your family, tell your kids, tell your pets that you are clocking off for 10 minutes (or so) for special time to just be with you. And then find yourself somewhere quiet where you won't be disturbed and close the door.

Tip 3: Listen more than once

This is especially applicable to the two bonus meditations.

Meditations are designed to positively transform your outlook on life, your way of thinking, your attitude. However, this is not a quick, one-time-needed process.

To see real results, please listen to your meditation more than once. I recommend listening to it every day for at least 21 days.

The information in some videos you'll instantly get and can instantly relate to. But for others, it may take a little longer to absorb or you may even experience some resistance to what you hear.

In these cases, I recommend you re-watch the video a couple of times, maybe on a different day with fresh eyes.

tip 4: be open

As I mentioned in Tip 3, there may be some information in the videos that you feel resistance towards and that's okay.

We tend to experience resistance towards the very thing we should be changing or incorporating in our life.

When you experience resistance it's a sign that your soul and your subconscious is eager to grow but your conscious mind is, in its own loving way, stunting that beautiful growth by trying to keep you safe and, therefore, small.

Be open to receive information that may make you feel uncomfortable. For in the discomfort lies the possibliity of growth.

Enjoy this special video series, lovely soul.