not everyone will agree with your life-path

... and that's alright.

When I first started giving angel card readings, I did so quietly and secretly because I knew that not everyone would be onboard with what I was doing.

People would have their personal opinion about angel card readings and those opinions may not be in line with my own. So I chose not to share the new direction I had decided to follow with everyone as I wasn't ready to face critics, to listen to disapproval, or feel obliged to answer questions about my new life-path.

And that was fine at the start, until I built up the self-confidence in myself that I needed, until I was able to recognise that I had a gift, an ability to pass on messages which could help heal people, lend them support to take their next step forward, give them the confidence to know that they're always being supported.

I guess the reason I didn't openly tell everyone was because I didn't want to offend anyone. I scurry away from controversy every chance I get. I back away from confrontation every time it raises its head. And, as a result, I've kept myself pretty well hidden, only raising my head and showing up in places where I know I'll be accepted.

But by doing so I know I've also hidden myself away from people who need what I have to offer. If I'm hiding away from anyone deliberately, I'm also hiding away from many unintentionally. And that's not what I want.

As I walk my life's path I want to be able to touch and reach out to the many people who need me, and to achieve that I have to be visible. And being visible will mean that not everyone will agree with the path I have chosen. But that's alright. I'm not here to serve everyone, I'm here to serve those who will benefit from what I have to offer.

Recently life taught me this in a very practical way. And I'm incredibly grateful for the experience.

I was recently away for a weekend, meeting up with friends and friends of friends. At one stage I was chatting to one lady I had met in the past but know very little about, personally, and she started to open up to me. I felt a pull to offer her an angel card reading as I just felt that she would benefit from it and it would bring her some healing. She jumped at the opportunity so I took my cards out of my bag (I've learned to always carry them with me as there's always someone who could do with some guidance).

She received so much love and support through her angel card reading. It was exactly the healing she needed to receive and I felt truly blessed to be able to share with her the messages that the angels wished her to hear. As a result of her experience, others at the get-together started to become interested and before I knew it my evening was taken over with angel card messages.

And I loved every opportunity.

But that's not why I'm writing this blogpost. The reason I'm sharing with you is that not everyone will agree or be open to accept your life-path. And that's the true life lesson I took away from my weekend.

While I was giving angel card readings to so many, I was being confronted by one person, someone I would have called a friend. He didn't agree with what I was doing, he didn't believe in what I was doing, and he was constantly trying to challenge me.

It was uncomfortable, it was embarrassing and it was hurtful. But it was necessary as it taught me so much. It showed me what I already knew - that not everyone will agree with my new life direction. And that's alright. I'm not here to serve everyone. Not everyone is open or ready to receive what I have to offer. And I'm fine with that.

Being faced with someone who was angry about what I was doing and openly expressed their anger was a very good and welcome practical life lesson for me because the more angry he became, the more calm yet self-assured I became, asking him to walk away each time. The more he showed up expressing his anger, the less I became emotionally impacted by his energy. The more he pushed his feelings on me the more he pushed me away from him and closer to the needs of the person I was reading for.

Until my sole and only focus was on the person I was reading for.

It seemed that as soon as I realised that I'm here for those who want to hear from me, those I can help and heal, and that they are my only focus, the challenger simply disappeared and left me in peace. It was instantaneous.

It felt like such an invaluable life lesson and, for that, I am truly grateful. And that is why I'm sharing it with you today.

Because, here's the thing. When we choose to follow our purpose, when we choose to do what lights us up, there will be people who will challenge us, who won't approve or agree with our choices. But they're not the people we are here to help, heal and serve. So why waste our energy on what they think when they're not the people we are here to serve? The less time and energy we expend on them, the sooner they'll lose interest and move on. Acknowledge them and ask them to move on so you can do what you're here to do.

Viv xx