the science of attraction

Hey Beautiful

So I was flicking through my news feed the other day and an article caught my eye. It was entitled: "The Science of Attraction: Men are subconsciously looking for these 8 things in a woman"

Now, I won't lie, I was shocked.


It's 2019 and, as women, we are supposed to still be focused on (or need to be told) how to attract the perfect man into our world?

I thought it maybe was a joke but when I opened it to find out I was really disappointed.

There before me stood a list of "scientific facts" ranging from a low hip-waist ratio to higher voice tones to even the absurdness of applying of red lipstick.

Weren't we, the human race, supposed to have evolved to a higher level than this over 100 years ago already? And yet I still see, on a daily basis, articles that read like they came right out of Housewife's Magazine in the 1940's.

One of the primary aims of my brand is to encourage women to fall back in love with the naturally beautiful woman I know each and every one of us already is.

But how can I compete against "The Science of Attraction"? Am I alone in believing that women are full and complete human beings in their own right and don't need to find their "other half" to feel complete? Have I been deluding myself?

No. I haven't.

And I can tell you, with hand on heart, that I know I am not alone. And I can say this honestly because I am witnessing a change in women, a wonderful change, a positive and powerful change. And it's something I'm celebrating and I hope you are too.

One of the underlying currents of my brand, one of my ethos and principles is to encourage women to fall back in love with themselves. That by putting themselves first, they're not being selfish but selfless. That by turning their back on articles that try to tell them how they should look and how they should be and how they should behave, they're demanding the respect they deserve.

And when I send out an email about self-love to the amazing women in my Spa Club, I regularly receive replies from them saying "YEEESSSS!" And that's important because it tells me that I'm not alone and that there are many women out there, most likely yourself included, who agree that it's high time we stood up and celebrated the amazing women we naturally already are.

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