personalised monthly themed card reading ~ september

Hello lovely soul!

And welcome to this very special page. Here you shall find a special angel card reading which is available for the current month only, meaning that once this month comes to an end the reading shall no longer be available and will be replaced by a new reading for the new month.

So if this month's reading appeals to you, if it touches an area in your life that you would benefit from guidance, if it is a topic that resonates with you, then click the button at the bottom of this page, today, and book yourself a slot directly in my calendar.

in september we focus on self-care...

What does self-care mean to you?

Does it mean taking time out to relax and do something you enjoy? Does it mean eating the right food to ensure you retain a healthing body? Does it mean tuning into your thoughts, beliefs, habits and letting go of those that don't serve you? Does it mean standing up to challenges and facing them head on, knowing that they've landed on your path so you can change and grow? Does it mean sitting down with your bank balance and making sure you're in a good place financially? Does it mean putting your needs before the needs of others?

Self-care means all of the above. When you care for yourself, it means ensuring you're prepared to address the challenges as well as enjoy the good times. It means considering your life holistically, from all angles, not just the positive. And it means placing yourself in the #1 position in your life.

And yet, how many of us every day regularly truly care for ourselves?

Self-care is the proverbial cup. It is only when we fill our own cup up to overflowing do we have the energy, ability, potential to care for others around us. When our cup is empty, we're no use to anyone, especially ourselves. Although self-care may seem to be a trending buzz word and concept, it really is something that we should all pay close attention to, if we wish to live the fulfilled, abundant, and flowing life that the Universe wishes for us.

This month's card reading is a 5-card spread, with each card giving a different insight into how to create more self-care into your own life. The reading shall consider where you should better place your focus in order to increase self-care in your life, why you may have failed to care for yourself as much as you should or could have, what blocks you may have in relation to self-care, what actions you can take to create better self-care, what results you might expect to experience should you choose to take those actions.

The reading is a personalised remote reading, recorded just for you. Once you complete the energy exchange payment of £33.33 on the subsequent page, you shall receive your reading via the platform WeTransfer within 2 working days. As you'll receive an email notification from me when you recording is on its way to you so please ensure to whitemark emails from [email protected]

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To receive this personalised reading, please first enter your information in the form below so I know who I am reading for and where to send your reading.

Once you click the button "go to energy exchange" you'll be taken to the next page, the energy exchange payment page. Kindly note that this is not a free service. By entering your details below you are entering into a contract to immediately pay £33.33 for this service on the subsequent page.

Kindly note that this is not a free service. By entering your details below you are entering into a contract to immediately pay £33.33 for this service on the subsequent page.

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