I have a dream

We all dream. We all wish. We all have ambitions.

If someone were to ask you, “What’s your dream?”, how would you reply?

Would you instantly rhyme off a big dream you’ve been pursuing for years? Would you stare at them blankly because you don’t know what your dream is? Or would you downplay your dream because you think it’s unachievable and they might laugh at you?

When people ask me what my dream is, I no longer hesitate in giving them my honest reply. I’ve been dreaming the same dream for a number of years now that I know exactly what it is and what I want to achieve. The only changes I’ve made to my dream over time are to actually make it bigger.

But I wasn’t always like that.

When I worked in corporate I didn’t really have a dream. I was just focused on getting through each week and, in the end, finally retire. There really wasn’t much to look forward to and so, there wasn’t much to dream about.

When I left corporate and started my own personal journey, I still didn’t have a dream. It took me a few years to let my heart grow and my imagination and soul run free before a dream started to take shape within me.

And even then, if people asked me what my dream was, I’d downplay it or feel too embarrassed to even answer them.

Because back then, even though I had a dream, I kept it private because, if I’m totally honest, I didn’t believe I could ever achieve it.

My dream was exactly that – a dream. Some kind of fantasy, something that lived only in the world of make-believe.

However, the more I focused on that dream, the more I thought about that dream, the more alive that dream became. And even though I’m nowhere near to achieving it, today it feels real and it feels like there’s no reason why I shouldn’t achieve it.

So, what is your dream?

Do you even allow yourself to dream at all or do you dismiss anything that may resemble even the smallest of dreams because dreams aren’t reality?

We are nothing if we do not dream. Because if we don’t dream, we have nothing that inspires us to keep improving, we have nothing that encourages us to keep growing, we have nothing that motivates us to keep changing and expanding.

If we do not dream, we have nothing that stirs us to jump out of bed on a cold and wet Monday morning, we have nothing that enthuses us to keep pushing forward when times are challenging.

Your obligation to show up to work, your need to make money to survive, they aren’t what lights you up, they aren’t what drives your passion. It’s only when you have a dream do you have something to strive towards, something that helps you to thrive rather than simply survive.

However, a dream will only carry you so far.

Even a dream can begin to waiver if you don’t take steps towards its fruition.

So, whilst it’s crucial to dream, it’s vital that you translate that dream into your next life goal.

Because, where dreams can remain fanciful, goals become actual. Goals are the dream catcher for our reality. And they are something most of us are used to having in life. They give us guidance, they give us direction, they give us focus. And there’s no greater sense of fulfillment than achieving your goals in life.

But how do you take your dream and convert it into a goal? And better still, how do you take your dream and convert it into a goal you will achieve in this lifetime?

There are a number of steps necessary to have in place in order for you to fulfil your dream. And converting it, restating it, translating it as a goal is just one of those steps.

If you fail to incorporate the steps needed to successfully accomplish your goal, whilst your dream may be described as a goal on paper, in actuality, it will always remain a dream.

So what do you need to do to ensure you achieve your dream, your goal? Indeed, what do you need to do to ensure you consistently achieve all your goals in life?

That is exactly what I asked the angels and our guides: “What do I need to know to consistently achieve my goals?”

Do you want to hear the advice and guidance they shared?

Viv xx