are you grounded?

Before we can even begin to consider if we're grounded or not, we need to understand what grounding actually is and how it benefits us.

Let's start with the 'what' first.

Grounding can also be referred to as earthing. What it means is creating a re-connection with the earth. Mother Earth is full of electrons and these electrons are absorbed into your body when you ground, benefitting your body, in particular your organs, in a similar way to, say, antioxidants you receive when you eat healthy foods.

Nowadays, it's unusual to see someone walking barefoot. We all wear shoes... and for good reason; they protect our feet from damage. However, the shoes we wear create a barrier between our bodies and Mother Earth's beautiful energy. Not only that, our homes are so heavily insulated now (good for the environment and conserving heat inside) that this insulation adds another barrier between our bodies and Mother Earth.

In essence, there has been a growing gap which blocks our natural connection to Mother Earth. And yet, we also depend completely on the Earth for our life and survival. The paradox is that we have become completely isolated from the living organism (Mother Earth) on which our livelihoods depend.

We are, in essence, compounds of electricity. Our heart, our lungs, our brain all carry electronic pulses. It's like we're a battery and we need to receive a negative charge to keep us healthy. The earth beneath our feet gives off a negative charge and, yet, we don't receive it because we're so isolated and insulated from it. As a result, pain, inflammation, all types of imbalances arise in our body because we've lost that connection with the negative charge that our body needs.

How do we reduce pain, how do we reduce inflammation (the underlying cause of all dis-eases), how do we sleep better, how do we re-energise and increase our vitality? It's simple. We ground ourselves. Grounding benefits us deeply on a physical level.

How else does grounding benefit us?

It also benefits us on a spiritual level.

To connect with the angelic and spiritual realm, we need to raise our vibration so we can meet the higher vibrations of the spiritual realm, who come down to meet us 'halfway'. You don't need grounding to raise your vibration so how can grounding benefit our connection to the spiritual realm?

If you raise your vibration to meet the vibration of the spiritual realm without, first, grounding yourself, you may experience a whole host of reactions. You may not be able to maintain your connection with the spiritual realm, your connection may not be as strong as you would wish it to be, and the guidance and messages you wish to receive aren't clear or simply don't come. You may also leave the connection feeling overwhelmed, dizzy, confused, out of sorts, and, quite simply, disconnected.

When you ground yourself with Mother Earth before raising your vibration to connect with the spiritual realm, you're creating an anchor which keeps your soul connected to the earth while it also rises up to meet the spiritual realm. In a way you could say you're connecting with the spiritual realm whilst keeping your feet on the ground. When you ground yourself before connecting spiritually, you'll find that your connection is stronger and you can maintain it, the advice and guidance you receive is clearer, and you don't experience any of the side-effects of dizziness etc.

Grounding also helps us on a mental and emotional level too as, again, it (metaphorically and literally) keeps our feet on the ground.

What this means is that our thoughts and emotions remain more constant and stable when we're grounded. We feel in better control of our lives, rather than being controlled and influenced by everything around us. Our reactions to situations and people are realistic, calmer and we can see things from a more open and controlled perspective.

When we're not grounded, we can get distracted easily, our concentration is poor, we may over-think things or become engaged in personal drama, and we may experience anxiety and a perpetual state of worry. Being ungrounded can also lead to an obsession with your self-image and how others see you, and it can lead to an unnatural desire for material belongings.

As we can see from above, grounding is important for our bodies on all levels: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.

So why don't we ground ourselves every single day?

Well, the primary reason is that many don't actually know the true benefits of grounding. Indeed, I'm guessing, many haven't even heard of the concept of grounding.

Grounding is something that the spiritual community have talked about for a long time, from a spiritual as well as mental and emotional point of view. Many, if not all, people who practise spirituality will ground themselves before they raise their vibration whether through meditation or some other means.

From a physical perspective, grounding is something that hasn't yet fully hit the mainstream. Whilst there are a ton of studies now proving the physical benefits of grounding, this information hasn't been sifted out to the general public because, unfortunately, our health and wellbeing is very much in the hands of pharmaceutical companies who would greatly lose out if the concept of grounding were it to hit the mainstream and people became less reliant on the products they create and promote.

However the studies are available. The knowledge is out there. Now it's just a matter of changing our ways and changing our habits so we can incorporate grounding into our daily routine. It's up to you and it's up to me to help our bodies return to balance, to become grounded and healthy again. No-one can make you ground yourself. It's a choice and it really does depend on whether you choose to, and are ready to, change your thinking, habits and behaviour.

So, how do you ground yourself? To read about different ways to ground yourself, let me pass you onto my next blogpost.

And to download my "Grounding with Mother Earth" guided meditation, click here.

Viv xx