how are you showing up?

Today, more so than ever before, I want you to take a few minutes to really evaluate how you're showing up in the world; what energy are you sending out, what messages are people taking from your actions?

Because, today more than ever before, we need enlightened souls who can see beyond the immediate, who can behave beyond the fear, who can act beyond the panic. Today, more than ever before, we need enlightened souls who will lead everyone else forward towards positivity, towards changing our ways, towards acting together as one energy. Because, if we decide to lead the rest of mankind forward, the human race can and will become a race that is fueled by love, a race that supports and guides each other on a different and better path, a race that lives in harmony with Mother Earth and her animal kingdom, a race to be proud of.

At the moment I'll be honest, I'm feeling disappointed, I'm feeling confused, and I'm, now, feeling angry.

The coronavirus has been part of our reality and part of our everyday lives for a number of weeks now. I understand and appreciate the initial wave of fear that it carried with it, fear of the unknown, fear of our safety, fear for ourselves and loved ones.

But it seems that that wave of fear is simply not dissipating.

I have always believed that nothing comes onto your path that you cannot cope with, and that everything that presents itself into your reality brings with it lessons which, if we embrace them, will help us grow and become better, stronger, healthier.

It's for this very reason that I have learned to embrace any dis-ease that I have attracted into my physical body. Each and every dis-ease has taught me something, has shown me something, has helped me grow into a better person, has encouraged me to make better choices which are in alignment with my energy as a soulful being.

And I believe the same of the coronavirus too... if only we open our minds and embrace the (positive) lessons we can gain from it.

But to be open to see the lessons, to be able to learn from them, and to be willing to grow and become a better human race, we have to step away from this wave of fear and panic that only seems to be growing. Each and every one of us needs to stop adding fuel to the fire. Each and every one of us needs to take responsibility that the more we share about this virus, the more we focus on it, the more we're pouring petrol onto it.

I have said that, at the moment, I'm feeling disappointed, I'm feeling confused, and I'm feeling angry; low emotions I really do not welcome into my life and being. The reason I'm struggling to shake these feelings away and return to the state of hope and positivity I've felt since the start of this pandemic, is that I'm seeing so many souls whom I looked up to, whom I considered peers, whom I saw as enlightened souls, getting caught up in, and following, the status quo, rather than stepping up and leading people forward.

I'm seeing souls that I respected writing posts of judgement about how others are behaving by meeting up in public areas, sharing their negative personal experiences as they, for example, visited the supermarket for groceries, expressing anger and rage that a friend or family member is ill and could, perhaps, have been exposed to the virus, and even simply sharing 'informational' posts which tell others how they should behave. I appreciate that these experiences impact people personally, I appreciate that at times we will all experience fear or anger, and that's okay. But sharing them on, pushing that low vibrational energy forward is not benefitting anyone. Rather it's only making matters worse because these are the very people who should be helping everyone else move forward towards a positive and enlightened future, and yet they're not only holding onto and letting the fear and anger fester inside their bodies, they're forcing that fear and anger onto others.

If you feel you have a purpose in this life to help, heal, guide, or support people, animals or Mother Earth herself, then you have to stop and step up. Stop spreading the fear, stop sharing the negativity. Step up and spread love, step up and share the positive lessons we can gain from what is happening in the world today. Step up and be a leader.

If you have a burning desire to help, heal, guide, support people, animals or Mother Earth herself, but you have not yet found your soul purpose and feel you're not yet walking your soul path, then find someone, like me, who is truly and authentically walking their talk every single day, not just when the sun is shining and the world is not in chaos; someone who can see beyond today and the fear and panic attached to it, someone who has uncovered the postive lessons and is willing to step up and share those lessons for others to take onboard; because that someone can help, support and guide you as you navigate both the calm seas and the turbulent waves of your soul path.

The world needs its leaders right now. The world needs those who can light the way forward from a place of love, so, together, we can walk towards a brighter future where we live in harmony with Mother Earth and her animal kingdom.

The world needs you to shine your beacon of light and I can help you.

Viv xx