how's your energetic bank balance?

When you think about your bank balance, what do you think about? Pretty obvious, really, I guess. You think about how much money's in your account, right? You think about if your balance is healthy or if money's bleeding out of your account, right?

How's about we shine a different light on our bank account. How's about we look at it as an energy store, with money being just one type of energy that flows in and out of it.

When we do that we get a totally different perspective on things. Because, suddenly it's about much more than one type of energy, money, and it becomes something that encompasses everything we do, everything we have, everything we see. Because energy is everything.

So let's check the balance on your energetic account. Is it healthy? Is it in balance? Because, not wanting to come across as too harsh, I reckon most of us (myself included) have an energetic account that's out of balance. And that's really not healthy.

The aim of the game is to keep our energetic account healthy and in balance. But if we consider the hundreds of different exchanges that occur every single day in our lives, I guarantee that most of our energetic accounts are far from healthy. 

To keep your energetic account in balance, every exchange of energy must be equal and opposite. It's a bit like Newton's 3rd Law: for every action there needs to be an equal and opposite reaction. So for everything you receive, you should give something equivalent in return. And for everything you give, you should receive something equivalent in return.

My first question is, therefore: are you giving more than you're receiving?

I think it's pretty obvious that if you're giving more in any area of your life, than you're receiving in return, your energetic account will become depleted and fall out of balance pretty quickly.

What happens and how do you feel when that happens?

Well, at first, you may feel unhappy and unappreciated. As time goes on you'll probably feel abused and taken for granted. And as time continues and you keep on giving more and more and more and receive nothing in return, especially to the same people or in the same area of your life, you'll become frustrated, angry and even resentful.

Each and every emotion, each and every stage of over-giving attracts a low-vibrational energy. From the low energetic vibration of unhappiness to the destructively damaging vibration of resentment. And when your energy is pulled down because you've been giving too much to the same people or in one specific area of your life, it will begin to impact every single area of your life and begin to pull each and every one of them down. Because everything is energy. Energy has a ripple effect, meaning that more and more areas of your life will become affected because the energy needs to go somewhere, right? It just doesn't disappear.

Now. What about the other side of the coin? What if you're receiving (or taking) more than you're giving? You must have a bumper energy account, right?


Receiving, and taking, more than you give doesn't make you rich, it doesn't make you smart, nor does it make you a savvy energy guru. It simply makes you top heavy and unstable. It swells your energy account to the extent where it could very easily explode or, more likely, implode. Now that's not an attractive picture!

And how does always receiving and taking make you feel?

Surely the more your receive, the more happy you become? Obviously the more you take, the more you have to enjoy in life, right? That may be how you think you'd feel but, in reality, it's not how you will feel.

Sure, at first, you may feel lucky, you may feel happy, you may feel blessed. But when you keep on receiving and taking, before long you'll no longer feel grateful for what you've received. Rather you'll take it for granted. And then you'll expect to receive more or be invited/allowed to take more. Enter discontentment, ungratefulness and greed. Not exactly the kind of energy you want to be clothed in, is it?

Here's the other thing... when you are receiving or taking, someone is giving. Remember how we have to have equal and opposing energies? If you keep receiving and taking from the same person, we already know that their energy is going to drop into feelings of hurt, frustration and resentment. And what eventually happens? The giving stops. Your receiving ends. And your energy implodes as you lose much more than you ever received.

So how do you keep your energy account healthy and in balance?

It's called conscious awareness.

First you want to sit down with yourself and honestly work out if you're giving more than you're receiving, or if you're receiving and taking more than you're giving. What energetic relationships and contracts have you entered with family, friends, businesses and even Mother Earth? Where are you maybe out of balance? And what changes can you put in place to bring your energy back into balance?

Then begin to awaken your conscious awareness to all the energy exchanges that occur in your life, going forward.

The easiest first step in this would be, when you receive or take something, think about what can you give in exchange to keep your energy in balance. So if you receive something for free, can you offer your services in return? Or if you receive a sample, tester or free introduction to something, when do you plan to exchange money in the future for that same service or when do you plan to buy the full-sized version of that sampled product?

Here's the key: only receive/accept and take when you know you can give back in exchange. If you can't give something back in exchange, then use your conscious awareness and don't enter into what will become a one-side unbalanced energy contract.

What about when you're the one giving? What do you expect in exchange? Sometimes this can be the more difficult energy exchange, especially if you're giving to a perpetual receiver or, indeed, you don't know if the person knows that there should be an exchange of energy; if they're not consciously aware.

This is where self-respect and self-love come into their own. This is where they take the lead.

If you respect and love yourself, which I hope you do, then you want to ensure your energy is kept in balance and carries a high and positive vibration. So you don't want to be heading down the slippery slope of continuously giving and receiving nothing in return.

But how do you do this?

Well... you could make it clear that you expect something in exchange for what you're giving. You could ask that, in exchange, the person offers you something in return. Perhaps you can exchange services? Or you could lay out some boundaries that stipulate that you'll give as long as the receiver commits to paying for the next offering, for example.

Here's the key: the most important person in your life is you. The most important energy to keep healthy and in balance is yours. If you keep giving without receiving anything in return, you're making the person you give to the most important person in your life, and turning yourself into a very poor second (and if you're continuously giving to many, can you imagine how low down the priority list you slide?). Not only that but the message you're giving to yourself and those around you is that you neither respect nor love yourself. And if you don't respect or love yourself, who will? Because in their lives, they're the priority, not you.

So next time you enter an energy exchange, always enter it with conscious awareness: how will you ensure that your energy bank balance will remain healthy and in balance?

Viv xx