Special monthly angel card reading ~ december

Hello lovely soul!

And welcome to this very special page. Here you shall find a special angel card reading which is available for the current month only, meaning that once this month comes to an end the reading shall no longer be available and will be replaced by a new reading for the new month.

So if this month's reading appeals to you, if it touches an area in your life that you would benefit from guidance, if it is a topic that resonates with you, then click the button at the bottom of this page, today, and book yourself a slot directly in my calendar.

let's overcome a block this december...

Do you know that feeling of wanting to take strides forward in an area of your life but, for the life of you, you just can't work out what's stopping you?

Do you scratch your head at times, thinking "I seem to be doing everything right" and, yet, you know in your gut that there's something blocking you, there's something standing in the way of you and your dream life?

Are you tired of all the bumps in the road, all the self-sabotaging behaviour, all your limiting beliefs getting in the way of your happiness and success?

Then this month's special reading is for you, lovely soul.

This month's 4-card reading shall support and guide you in overcoming a block that is standing in your path right now. Together we shall hone in on the block that you should be working to clear and eradicate at the moment, we'll discover how that block is impacting your life and getting in the way of your happiness and success, we'll determine what action you need to take in order to address and remove that block, and you'll receive guidance on how your life will change should you choose to take the action recommended to you in the reading.

This month's reading is a live and interactive 1-1 reading, the date and time of which is chosen by you when you book directly through my calendar (kindly make yourself familiar with my cancellation policy, here). Please note that this reading shall only be available throughout the month of December.

Your card reading and angel guidance, focused on overcoming a block, shall last approximately 30 minutes and attracts an investment of £44.44

Angel number 4444 signifies that the angels are listening and, should you invite them to, will help guide and support you in overcoming your block. Amongst other things, 4444 carries the energy of practicality, building solid foundations, and productivity. This number is encouraging you to step forward with confidence in the knowledge that no block can stop you in your tracks. Through this number the angels are also sending you the strength and faith you may need to overcome your block. It tells you that all your hard-work and efforts will not go unnoticed; expect great rewards to come your way. Have faith and trust that the angels will guide you.

To book your reading, click one of the buttons below. I look forward to passing on angelic guidance so you can overcome your block.