too much!!

Sometimes we cross the border to Germany to collect parcels that we've posted to a drop box there (the cost of posting to Switzerland is crazy biscuits compared to posting to other countries in the the EU). And while we're there we tend to do our weekly shop.

And so was the case recently.

We picked up our parcels, popped into the shops for a few more bits and pieces, and then headed into one of the supermarkets. We've been in this supermarket before so know it's not our favourite but it has some products that we like.

This time, however, when we walked in I instantly was hit with an overwhelming feeling of "this is too much!!". It was as if my energy was being hit from all angles.

It felt like there were too many customers in the shop, leaving little to no room to wander around.

The aisles were too narrow which made it a challenge to move past other customers coming in the opposite direction as both our trolleys met.

Children seemed to be either screaming or crying... it was way too loud.

The cash registers were constantly loudly 'ding-ding-dinging' as goods were being rung up.

The staff were trying to restock shelves and were, therefore, trying to squeeze past customers with huge pallets of boxes.

And everyone, in general, seemed to be carrying an energy of frustration that was airing on the side of aggression.

It was a complete and utter attack on my energy and at one stage I found myself wanting to just run away and hide.

On top of that, halfway round the supermarket, I realised that I'd forgotten to put my crystals in my pocket.

When I'm out in public I carry two crystals with me. The first crystal, iron pyrite or fool's gold, I carry as an energy shield. It keeps unwanted energies at bay and safeguards my energy field (aura) from negative energies which may stick to it and bleed me of my own energy. It also alleviates frustration and anxiety. So, as you can imagine, it makes for an excellent crystal to carry in public.

I also carry what I affectionately refer to as my "happy stone", chalcopyrite or peacock ore. The colours of this stone are beautiful and iridescent like a peacock's feathers. This is a tonic stone which lifts low energy quickly and increases vitality. It also releases energetic ties and removes negative energy blocks. Again, a fabulous stone to carry in public.

My husband, who was also feeling the influx of tense energy, and I tried to finish our shop as quickly as possible. But you know how it is when you're in a hurry... you can't see the wood for the trees. There were 2 products on our list that, no matter how many times we walked round the supermarket, we just couldn't find them. We walked round and round in circles trying to find them. Eventually we found one of them but we decided to give up searching for the other as our energy and auras had taken such a bashing that it was better to leave while we still had some energy in our tanks.

We reached the car and, at the same time, let out a puff of breath and said "I'm absolutely exhausted!"

It's amazing how a simple trip to the supermarket can quickly turn into an epic energy drain and yet, as sensitive souls, this can happen all too easily. Our auras and our energy are impacted by those we come into contact with everyday. Some people will raise us up because they have a high vibrational energy and we feel comfortable around them. Others will pull us under and zap our energy with their low vibrational energy and it's those people we really need to safeguard our precious energy and aura from.

But how can you tell in advance who's gonna to raise you up and make you feel a million dollars, and whos' gonna zap your energy and leave you feeling exhausted and drained?

Here's the thing... you can't.

It's not like we all walk round with beacons on our head shining the warning colour red of 'stay away!' or the sunshine yellow of 'I give out good vibes'.

Even if you're meeting your friend for coffee, whom you know always leaves you feeling amazing, you can't be sure who else might be sitting close to you, who else you might come into contact with on the way, who else will impact your energy and aura.

And that's why it's so important to safeguard your aura and energy. Because when you safeguard your energy you're acting in self-love. Self-love for not only your aura and your energy but for you and your soul. You're setting energetic boundaries whereby high vibrational and positive energy are welcome into your space but low vibrational and negative energies cannot penetrate and enter.

Safeguarding your aura and energy is easier than you might imagine (good news, right?). All you need to do is imagine yourself enveloped in a beautiful bubble of light. So...

  • close your eyes and stand tall
  • take a few deep breaths, breathing in through your nose expanding your stomach outwards, and out through your mouth allowing your stomach to push all the air out
  • imagine lovely roots growing out of the soles of your feet and down into the centre of Mother Earth
  • as the roots hold you strong and steadfast, imagine a bubble surrounding you and your aura
  • the bubble can be filled with any colour, whichever colour pops into your mind first
  • keeping your eyes closed, repeat the following affirmation out loud: "Today and all day, I surround myself in a bubble of light. Only high vibrational and positive energy may enter into my bubble"
  • open your eyes and enjoy your day in the knowledge that your energy is safe and protected
  • repeat this ritual every morning

You can also carry crystals with energy-safeguarding properties like I do. Personally, I tend to bubble-up and carry crystals because I know how easily and quickly unwanted energies can attach themselves to me.

As an added step to safeguard your energy and keep it cleansed, every evening before you go to bed cleanse your energy using the violet flame (spiritual energy) and ask Archangel Michael to cut any energetic cords that you may have created during the day. It just means that if any unwanted energy did manage to attach itself to you during the day, you've got that extra safeguard in place to make sure it doesn't hang around. So...

  • close your eyes and stand tall with your feet hip-width apart
  • take a few deep breaths, breathing in through your nose expanding your stomach outwards, and out through your mouth allowing your stomach to push all the air out
  • imagine lovely roots growing out of the soles of your feet and grounding you down into the centre of Mother Earth
  • imagine yourself standing under a waterfall where the water washes over you, gently and lovingly yet thoroughly, washing over your body and through your body
  • see the water coloured violet, representing the violet flame (spiritual energy)
  • as it washes over you and through you, from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, picture it washing away any energy that's not your own, that may be attached to you
  • ask the violet flame to wash and cleanse each of your chakras (energy centres), from your crown chakra to your root chakra
  • picture the violet flame washing the energy down to and through the soles of you feet, down through the roots, and deep into Mother Earth
  • use your intution to feel when your energy has received sufficient cleansing from the violet flame
  • allow the waterfall to stop flowing and thank the violet flame
  • ask Archangel Michael to step forward and cut any cords that may be linking you to anyone else
  • picture Archangel Michael cutting through cords that travel out from the centre of your chest (heart chakra) connecting you with any others, with his sword; easily cutting through the cords like they're ribbons
  • after Archangel Michael has cut through the cords, if you feel there are still some cords remaining or not fully cut, ask Archangel to cut through the remaining cords
  • use your intuition to know when all cords linking your energy and aura to another have been cut
  • thank Archangel Michael
  • slowly bring your awareness back to your body and open your eyes
  • repeat this ritual every evening

Infuse these morning and evening rituals into your life and just observe the change in your energy. If you always come home feeling heavy and zapped after work, are you still coming home with your energy still feeling so heavy after you apply these rituals? If a trip to the supermarket leaves you wanting to run for cover and sleep all afternoon, do you still feel the same way after you've incorporated these rituals? Just observe the difference. They may be subtle but I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised.

And, of course, like my supermarket trip above, there will be times when you forget your morning ritual and your energy takes a beating as a result. But that doesn't mean you have to beat yourself up too... after all, we are focusing on self-love here and self-love and self-beating don't exactly go hand in hand. Just cleanse your energy with the violet flame and invite Archangel Michael to cut any energetic cords that have been attached to you as soon after the experience as possible. And then bubble-up to safeguard your energy for the rest day.

Viv xx