my ear feels blocked

Have you ever considered that what may manifest physically in your body may be a result of an energetic imbalance within your body, a way of your super-intelligent body telling you that something's off, that perhaps you have to pay a bit more attention to part of your life? That you're not just sick because you caught a bug from someone else? Or because you ate something that was a little bit off? Or...? Or...?

Over the past number of weeks I've been experiencing a blocked ear, my right ear, my dominant ear, the ear I would hold the telephone up to. At times I can hear okay, at times I can hear nothing, and at times there's a slight (annoying) "boom"-ing sound in my ear.

For a long time, up until now in fact, I put my blocked ear and distorted hearing down to some ear wax being stuck (even though I did try to unsuccessfully get it cleared out). However, as I was pulling a card for my weekly angel message, a card all about the ear chakra and Clairaudience jumped out (you can read the angel message here) and I got to re-thinking why my ear may be blocked at the moment, why I may be struggling to hear what people around me are saying. I don't think it's what it seems, that there's something physically wrong, I believe it goes deeper than that and I believe, energetically, I have become blocked.


Well have you noticed how much negativity and fear has been circulating our planet since Covid entered our awareness? And how, now that countries begin to close their borders and go into lockdown for a second time, that negativity and fear is accompanied by anger and impatience?

I choose to live a life filled with love, not fear. And I choose to find the positive in every situation. Even Covid. I have seen Covid, from the very outset, as something really positive. I've viewed it (and continue to view it) as the perfect invitation for us, as individuals and a collective, to waken up, open our eyes, and change how we treat this planet and the animals who live alongside us; to change our ways and our attitudes. A view and an attitude that seems to be, sadly, in the minority.

We're now about 8 months down the line after Covid made it's initial appearance and entered our awareness, as it touched each of our lives personally, as country by country, district by district, town by town locked down. And, personally, I have not witnessed a lot of positive change.

I openly spoke from my heart at the beginning of Covid, inviting people to look at their day-to-day habits and how they could change them for the better, to become responsible consumers, understanding where their food is coming from and how it may be negatively impacting the earth and the environment, and much more. Sadly, however, I have not witnessed much change in people's habits, in people's behaviour, in people's views. If anything, over recent weeks I've started to hear more people complain and moan: "I'm tired of Covid now", "I want to return to normal life", "enough is enough".

Covid has become an annoying inconvenience, not an awakening invitation.

As much as I have purposely avoided listening to the news and the daily updates on the number of cases and deaths, and how the virus is spreading - not because I choose ignorance but because I choose not to pulled into the fear that the media and governments are spreading, trusting that when I need to hear or know something it will find its way to me - I have not been able to avoid friends, family and loved ones kindly updating me on their views and concerns about Covid. Because I have not stopped chatting to friends and family on the phone or through Skype or Zoom, I have been pulled into their fear, into their beliefs, into their view of the current situation, most of which is contrary to my own point of view.

Although I'm not consumed by how Covid may or may not have negatively impacted my life, it doesn't mean to say that those around me feel the same. Indeed, most of those around me can't talk about anything apart from Covid and, so, spread the fear further, impact my energy, and pull my vibration down.

Even though I have taken steps to safeguard my energy, to cleanse my energy daily and cut cords with anything that is not benefitting me, my body has, I firmly believe, stepped in to further safeguard me by creating a physical imbalance within me so I no longer can hear all the negativity that was and is, albeit unwittingly, being sent my direction; so I could greater protect my energy, so I could greater protect my soul, and so I could continue further along the path I know is right for me, heeding Mother Nature's advice and continually tweeking my habits so I fall into better alignment with Her and the animal kingdom.

And so, my hearing, the hearing in my dominant ear, the hearing in the ear I listen from when I'm on the phone became impaired and blocked. My body chose to step in, to support me and help me block out the negative complaints and attitudes that continue to come from those around me and which are not in alignment with my own personal beliefs.

We are all energy and therefore we all impact each other. Even when we're aware of that and take measures to keep our energy cleansed, if our measures are not enough our super-intelligent and loving body will step in and take over.

My blocked hearing, my distorted hearing is not the first time my body has stepped in as my personal guide, showing me that my life is out of alignment and that changes are needed to bring me back into balance, bring me closer to my soul, to my very essence; nor will it be the last time. And I suspect the same is for you. When we fall ill, it's not bad luck, it's not a coincidence, it's a message from our body, from our higher and more intelligent self telling us that something's out of alignment.

So, next time you're feeling under the weather or you contract a new dis-ease, stop and ask "what is my body and my soul telling me?"

Viv xx